[MER] Viking Games

Disappointed that the Beijing Olympics have come and gone? Craving more sporting competitions? Want to ogle more sweating athletes glistening in the sun? ant to play with weapons that double as sporting equipment?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, do we have the event for you!

The Barony of Bryn Madoc proudly presents: Viking Games
October 17-19, 2008

Camp Daniel Morgan
Hard Labor Creek State Park
Rutledge, GA

We have a full day of events scheduled for everyone, fighters, non-fighters, artists, scientists, adults, children, athletes, non-athletes, and even Barons of neighboring groups!

For the fighters, we have Thor's Games, a collection of scenarios guaranteed to make you gasp for air. First we have the Viking Pentathlon! If you want to earn a point you must gain a win in all FIVE, that's right, FIVE different bear pits each of which require a different weapons style. If you have round shields, short spears, axes, daggers, or any other Viking-like weapons please brings them. In addition we have a number of small melee scenarios scheduled for a total of 4 hours of fighting fun.

For the arts and science crowd we have Bragi's Games, multiple A&S competitions and races. That's right, not just competitions, but RACES! Races and competitions include:

  • Speed Inkle (Spinkle?) Weaving
    After allowing the contestants to warp their looms, each weaver will have 30 minutes to weave the longest piece of high quality trim that they can. Contestants will be judged on the length and quality of their trim. Loaner looms and some rug weight cotton yarn will be provided.

  • Drop spinning competition
    Come out and show off your spinning skills! Each spinner will have 30 minutes to spin the longest piece of yarn that they can using a drop spindle. Contestants will be judged on the length and quality of their yarn. Loaner spindles and roving will be available.

  • Bayeaux stitch embroidery
    Come see the needles flash in the sun! Each contestant will have a figure from the Bayeaux tapestry to embroider using the Bayeaux stitch. They will have 30 minutes to stitch. Contestants will be judged by the completeness of their piece and the quality of the piece. Linen with pre-printed figures and some wool yarns will be provided.

  • Viking Rope braiding Find a partner who can help toss the bobbins in a lively rope braiding competition. Each team will have 20minutes to braid as long a rope as possible. We will provide the rope, bobbins etc. along with lessons. Teams that have at least 1 child under the age of 16 will get bonus points.

  • Poetry competition
    Each bard will have 1 hour to compose a poem in the style of either the Vikings or the Saxons (you will find out which at the event). The topic will be assigned on site! A cheat sheet for the required form will be provided.

  • Sweet Mead competition
    Come join in the annual Baroness' Sweet Mead Competition. She likes her mead sweet so bring your best and try to please her palate. The winner receives pottery made by the hand of the Baroness herself.

For the athletes at heart, we will have Magni's Games. Try your hand at feats of strength, endurance, and skill including: the Glima, a foot race, a hammer throw, a rock carry, and an axe throwing competition.

And finally, for the children we present Sir Fiachna, better known as Theatyn, hosting Loki's Games. The Viking God of Trickery is sure to have the kids wanting more in three events that will test their skills. Even the adults may want to try their hand at these mischievous competitions.

In addition, bring all of those unwanted items that you have been collecting over the years and participate in our BLANKET SALE. Set-up on the field and place your items out front. Sell or trade, barter and haggle, and hopefully get rid of your old stuff and go home with stuff you really want.

Following all of these wonderful games and events join us for an EARLY FEAST! That's right folks, no waiting until 6:30 or 7:00 to curb your appetites. We have scheduled feast for 5:00 and will hold Baronial Court in conjunction with feast. The single course feast will be cooked by Lady Katerina filia Jehans de Londres using recipes provided by Mistress Derbhail. Feast is limited to the first 80 reservations.

Finally, once our meal is complete, we will hold a revel celebrating the day of competition run by Baroness Mariona. Dance requests will be taken.

For a complete schedule, event fees, and other event specifics please go to: http://www.brynmadoc.org/Viking-Games1.html

Barony of Bryn Madoc (Rutledge, Georgia)