Incredible private library features historical objects

The technology magazine "Wired" takes a rare look at the private library of Jay Walker, an entrepreneur whose eclectic historical interests have led him to create a library devoted to things that have "changed the way people think." The stunningly designed room contains books and artifacts from ancient to modern times, combining museum and library.

Among the items of interest to the medievalist community are: a sixteenth-century medical text, early maps, a weekly mortality tally from London ravaged by plague, an original copy of the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle, a copy of the Coverdale Bible, a book on jousting, and others.

The private collection is shown only by arrangement with Mr. Walker, and the visit by "Wired" is the first time the press have been invited to view the library.

Thanks to Signore Lorenzo di Calabria, from the Marche of Gwyntarian, for providing the link to this article.