[MID] Crown Tournament of TRM Ullr and Annelyse

Crown Tournament of TRM Ullr and Annelyse October 18, 2008

Dayton Masonic Temple
525 W Riverview Ave
Dayton, OH 45405

Site Hours
Open from 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Anyone still in the building at 11:00 PM will be volunteering for the clean-up crew. (Thank you in advance.)

Site Fees
Pre-registrations RECEIVED by Friday, 10/10/08:
$9.00 each for ages 13 & older,
$4.50 each for ages 6-12
Age 5 and younger are free
$27.00 family cap for immediate family at one address

At the door:
$10.00 each for ages 13 & older,
$5.00 each for ages 6-12
Ages 5 and younger are free
$30.00 family cap for immediate family at one address
NMS of $3.00 applies to all age 13 and older without proof of membership.
Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. - Barony Flaming Gryphon".
The only reservation is a paid reservation.

Lunch with Drink
Pre-registrations RECEIVED by Friday, 10/10/08:
$6.00 ($1.00 discount)

$7.00 (cost) Site Rules
Site is BONE DRY across the entire property, including the parking lot. Those who fail to comply will be requested to leave site. There is NO indoor smoking (Ohio law).

FOOD RULES: Coolers cannot be brought in by the attending populace. Small snack consumption will be limited to designated areas (non-carpeted) in the building. Parking lot tail-gating is encouraged and is unrestricted except for alcohol.

Weather permitting, there will be populace space on the lawn in front of the building, so you may want to put camp chairs in the trunk just in case.

Special Activities

  • Royal Travel Fundraiser: (AKA The Return of Wonderpest)
    Show your support for the Crown and the soon-to-be-named Royal Heirs with more than your presence at Crown Tourney. There will be both a silent auction and a live auction of a variety of goods and services, including garb, jewelry, weapons, books, A&S supplies and other goodies. Stay tuned here for a partial list of items, which will be posted closer to the event.

  • Craftsperson's Faire:
    Attention, All Artisans and Craftsmen! Come and Share Your Projects with the Rest of the Kingdom! On the Mezzanine above the main dining hall. Here.s a chance to show the populace what you have been working on so diligently, for lo these many months, and get feedback from your peers.

    There is no entry fee for the Faire, and no lengthy documentation is required – just a short form with your name,address and a description of your entry. You are encouraged, but not required, to stay with your entry and discuss your work with everyone touring the Faire, and you are highly encouraged to put together a short handout for everyone, describing how you constructed your entry.

    A Performance Area will be available nearby, for those who wish to show the world their singing, dancing, acting, or story-telling talents. Performers are asked to register with Lady Fiadnata (Email Craftspersons Coordinator) ahead of time, in order to allow for scheduling before the day of the Faire.

    Any entry that is to be consumed, such as food or beverages, must have a complete ingredient list posted with the entry.

    Brewing & Vintning entries, unfortunately, are Forbidden by Site Rules.

  • Youth Craftsperson's Faire:
    Show off your talents. Can you sew, embroider, make armor or weapons, cook, carve wood, paint, play music or any other arts and sciences?

    Then we want to see your work.

    This faire is open to all youths, 17 years old and younger.

    For those who will not be attending the event, entries can be brought by someone from their area providing that they have the information for the entry form. Come and see the talents of the Youth of the Midrealm. Royalty, Peers and members of the populace are invited to attend and encouraged to leave small tokens with the entries they feel should receive recognition. Comment sheets will be placed with each entry for comments and encouragement in the entrant's art/science.

  • Dance / Dessert Revel
    Following Royal court, there will be a ball and dessert revel in the main dining hall. More information is forthcoming.

Start by taking your best route to I-75 through Dayton, OH. From the south (northbound)

Take Exit 53B for First Street/OH-49 toward Salem Avenue (0.2 mi.). Follow signs for Dayton View Bridge and merge onto Maxwell Drive/OH-49 North (0.1 mi.). Turn left at West Monument Avenue (0.2 mi.). Turn right at West Riverview Avenue ( From the north (southbound) Take Exit 54A on the left to merge onto West Grand Avenue (0.4 mi.). Turn left at Forest Avenue (0.2 mi.). Take a slight right onto West Riverview Avenue (0.1 mi.). Site is on your right.

http://www.midrealm.org/fallcrown/ Location:
Barony Flaming Gryphon (Dayton, Ohio)