Artemisia Crown Combatants announced

Baroness Juliana nic Lachlainn, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Artemisia, has announced the list of combatants in the upcoming Crown Tournament.

Her Excellency writes:

Please find listed below the entrants for Fall Crown. Good Luck to Everyone!!!

Fall Crown Tournament Entrants: (in no particular order, and do not reflect tournament pairings, those will be announced prior to the start of the list.)

  1. Baron Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon and Baroness Qamar un-Nisa al-Anatolia
  2. Baron Richard of Annesley (as entrant) and Countess Sorcha of Sherwood
  3. Master Azir de Lucera and Lady Gwynneth
  4. Lord Geoffrey Cherriton and Lady Thorkatla Bjarn
  5. Count Michael O'Brien and Countess Sati al Ishfabatya
  6. HL Vidar Bowbreaker and HL Ellisif Sleggja
  7. HL Til the Lucky and HL Isabeau Lia Rossedal
  8. HL Hauk Maclean and Baroness Katya in Raudhara
  9. Baron Yuri the Yakslapper and Baroness Sumayya bint Suleiman
  10. Baroness Kelwyn Ratslayer and Baron Richard of Annesley (as consort)
  11. HL Jamukha Batu and HL Tamar Oqropiri of Black Sea
  12. Griff of Gryphon's Lair and HL Nina of the Lost Caverns
  13. Lord Rodrigo de Castilla Leon and Lady Kristine Ronaldsdatter called "Killer Rabbit"
  14. THL Roger de Palmero le Conil and Baroness Antoinette Clarissa du Bete
  15. Lord Elias mac Griogair and Lady Sine Fergusson of Kintyre
  16. HL Marcello daDonnici and Lady Arriana li Donnici
  17. Sir Bartholomew Hightower and Dona Alianor Rowan
  18. Lord Marius Markos Algallon and Lady Jocelyn de la Sol
  19. Count Morgan d'Antioche and Countess Esebell Grant
  20. Lord Fernando del Santiago and Lady Syeira of Schattentor
  21. Viscount Thomas the Diminutive and Viscountess Adria of the Crosswinds
  22. Baron Tryggvar Halfdan and Lady AstridGrimmsdottir
  23. m'lady Elfwyn the Dane and HL Morgan Blaidd Du
  24. m'lord Daniel the Blind and Lady Sundrina of Dragonsmarche