[CAL] Charlemagne’s Oktoberfest

Come join the Shire of Standing Stones in recalling Charlemagne on the 10th-12th of October.

Fighting will reflect the raiding and counter-raiding nature of the long war against the Saxons. There will be a series of melees in a variety of terrains involving gathering the treasure of Saxony. We ask that fighters limit themselves to the weapons of the age, those being round and oval shields, swords, axes, and six-foot spears.

The archery competition will include not only the opportunity to shoot at very distant targets, but will include several thrown weapons contests, especially a throwing axe tournament to celebrate the francisca, the throwing axe of the Franks.

Arts and sciences include a full slate of classes related to the era. The A&S competition is to bring the item that you would give to Charlemagne, if you lived in 800. Where it comes from is unimportant, the only qualification is that it is something that might be made in the year 800. Also, bring your period brewing entry as a separate category in its own right.

There will be a slate of Children's events as well. There will be a huge, one might say elephant-sized, amount of fun to be had.

Mistress Caillin has outdone herself planning a delicious feast and we will have an Inn as well. Feast reservations are going quickly.

Come camp on the bank of the Missouri river and we mean literally on the bank of the Missouri River. As in "be careful not to fall into the river" on the bank of the Missouri River. Despite the fact that our specific spot does a good job of setting us away from the mundane world, there are showers, a convenience store, and flush toilets on site. The site is pet friendly, with all of the usual restrictions about leashes and cleaning up.

A number of people have asked about the period nature of the event. Since we're attempting to be as period as possible, we encourage everyone to come in garb from the 8th and 9th centuries. We also ask that you drink from a some period attempt at a mug. However, we would much rather have you attend in your Italian Renaissance outfit or whatever other era you normally wear than choose not to attend simply because we've got a particular focus for this event.

Again, this is on 10-12 October in the Shire of Standing Stones.

Katfish Katy's Campground
Huntsdale, MO.

Site Fee
$10 Adults, $5 Ages 5-12, Under 5, free. Family cap of $35. $3 non-member surcharge
$10 Feast (limit 60)
Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. Shire of Standing Stones

Site Opens 4:00 pm Friday, October 10th
Site Closes Noon Sunday, October 12th
Troll Hours 5pm - Midnight Fri, 9am - Noon Sat

Budget permitting, a light repast will be available to break your fast.

There will be an inn on-site prepared by THL Ilaria

Menu by HE Mistress Caillin MacKenzie

Welcome with no additional merchanting fee.

Event Info
This is a high-persona event centered around the year 800 celebrating the coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor. As it is a celebration, the site is wet, but given the nature of the event, use mugs.


  • Fighting
  • Archery
  • Children's Activities
  • Two Arts & Sciences Competitions
    1. Period Brewing (as near to 800 as possible)
    2. In the year 800, Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor and gifts are brought from as far away as India. Craft a gift reflecting your culture to be given him at his coronation (Not largesse unless you wish)

Site Info
Free camping with restrooms, showers, and a campground store with drinks and some camping supplies. Pets and campfires permitted. Site is wet, but given the nature of the event, use mugs.

Take your best route to I-70, exit 117. Travel south approximately 6 miles on Route O to Huntsdale and the SCA sign

Event Steward
HL Rhodri ap Iuean ap Hywel

http://charlemagnesoktoberfest.shireofstandingstones.org/ Location:
Shire of Standing Stones (Huntsdale, Missouri)