[NOR] Creating the Creative

Creating the Creative, SCA 101: A day of classes for newcomers and old-timers alike who want to learn something new!

October 18, 2008

Bunker Hills Regional Park Activities Center Building
550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW
Andover Minnesota 55304
(in the northern Twin Cities - 2 miles west of Hwy 65 on Bunker Lake Blvd)

Class-focused event with the sole purpose of getting people involved in different aspects of the SCA by holding classes in anything and everything. Have you always wanted to try a craft but didn't know how? Interested in taking an office but not sure what's involved?

Our event is focused on hopefully answering those questions for you, by providing classes that would introduce people to something new they haven't tried before. Whether you are new to the SCA or have been in for 20 years and just need another hobby (ha ha!) we would love to see you there discovering something new and fun to do.

This is a non-garbed event, with the intent of putting all players on the same level, so that we may relax and mingle freely without 'peer fear'; getting to know each other as people and not as titles.

Pre-reg questions, contact jenakaekat@yahoo.com

Countess Guenievre's 'Airs and Graces' class, which will be followed by a mock court, Their Royal Majesties Raito and Aesa presiding: what to expect, what to do if you're called up, what are the awards for/about anyways?

Sir Tristan - 'Understanding Knighthood'
THL Lyulf - 'How to make your encampment look more period'
Classes on being a marshall, a herald, an event steward, or running a list field
Classes on developing a persona
Classes on garb and period hair
Socializing, socializing and more socializing!

Some classes will have a student limit. Full class details and sign-up will be available at the event on a first-come basis. So get there early to get in the class you want!

-stuff swap-
Do you have SCA related stuff that you no longer use such as garb that doesn't fit or no longer works for your persona? Or maybe that 'X' yards of fabric that has been sitting around for a few years, what about all that trim, yarn, etc that has been gathering dust?

Now is the time to pass it along to some new folks and help them get started on the journey. Its out intention that this 'swap' will happen in the lunch area during the lunch break.

Please note this is a limited space and if you bring it and no one takes it, we ask that you take it with you when you leave. (It doesn't have to go home, but it can't stay here!)

Space with tables and chairs will be provided for the lunch break. Free to bring whatever food you wish.
Site is dry (this means no alcohol).

Event Staff
Autocrat Team:
Lady Ellen de Wynter

Lady Isabella Beatrice della Rosa called "Belle"

Baroness Ekaterina Anastaseva

http://www.geocities.com/ursulagoddess/creating_the_creative.html Location:
Barony of Nordskogen (Andover, Minnesota)