[DRA] Petrarca IV

Petrarca - Hike in Garb. 29th Nov. 2008 09.30 Meet at train station on Lichtenfels (north of Nuremberg)

We are following the old St. James Way to Nuremberg.
Route: ca. 7 - 10 km
Train station Bad Staffelstein
For all Petrarca hikes does apply: Please come as authentic as possible, hide modern equipment or don't bring it at all. Please wear good shoes! You can cover your hiking boots, shouldn't you have medieval ones. Take care for travel and food yourself, of course we can arrange between the participants. Please write me a note should you want to come, so I know for whom we have to wait.

Anna Syveken silvenhain@YAHOO.DE Location:
(Lichtenfels, Germany)