East Kingdom Crown Tourney to Feature Poetic Challenge

Poets of the East Kingdom are encouraged to write a poem in praise of their favorite contestant or consort in the upcoming East Kingdom Crown Tournament. The King's Bard, Lady Ana de Guzman writes:

Poetic Challenge for Crown Tourney

The King's Bard, Lady Ana de Guzman, and the Queen's Bard, Magistra Fiana of Clare, challenge all poets to write a poem in praise of their favorite contestant and consort.

Poems should be no longer than 60 lines and in a form appropriate to the period and persona of either the poet, the contestant, or the consort. Documentation should be included, but should be no longer than 1-1/2 pages, excluding bibliography and copies of appropriate primary works. Poems will be judged on aethetics,use of period form and style, and documentation. Entries may be submitted by proxy, or before the tourney via e-mail.

Those poets whose contestants advance to the finals will be given time to read their poems on the field. Prizes will be provided for the first and second place poets during court.

We encourage contestants and consorts to seek out and sponsor poets so that they will have a praise poem on hand if needed.

Please contact Magistra Fiana (fianaclare@earthlink.net) or Lady Ana (troubledour@hotmail.com) with questions or entries.

Fiana of Clare, Magistra Lauri, Queen's Bard of the East

Lady Ana de Guzman, King's Bard of the East