[ART] Kingdom Arts, Sciences & Fighting Collegium

Come one and all to this year’s Kingdom Arts, Sciences & Fighting Collegium held on November 8, 2008. Find out what happens when four groups in Artemisia combine forces to present a most wonderful and exciting event. The Baby Barony of Gryphon’s Lair, the Ancient Barony of Loch Salann, The Stalwart Shire of Cote du Ciel and the newborn Province of Arrow’s Flight will treat you to a magnificent lunch and a day filled with amazing classes.

We are pleased to offer two Grand Master Instructors for your education.

  • Duke Sir Paul of Bellatrix, from the Bellatrix Fighting School in the Kingdom of Caid, will offer a full track of classes for armored combatants.

  • Kass McGann, of Pennsylvania, is the founder of Reconstructing History Patterns, and has researched clothing construction as well as designed her own pattern line.

Both instructors will be sharing their knowledge with Artemisia. There will be a small fee (to assist with travel expenses) for students attending the Grand Master classes.

The site has many classrooms, as well as a full kitchen. Site opens for set-up at 9:00 AM. Opening Court will be at 10:00 AM. Classes will begin at 11:00 AM, with lunch break at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, and classes continue through 6:00 PM. There will be an opportunity for Closing Court & Announcements at 6:15 PM. Dinner break and site close is planned for 7:00 PM. Any stragglers will be given a broom and dustpan to help with clean-up after 7:30 PM.

To offer to instruct a class, or to suggest a class you would like to attend, please contact THL Bethany of Windermere.

The Ministers of Youth of the four groups will provide a Children’s Track of classes. Please bring cover-ups for your young ones so they will not dirty their nice clothing. Parental supervision will be enforced, as required. There are many areas on site that are off-limits to children. We ask for your assistance in maintaining a good relationship with this site by complying with these restrictions.

The Kingdom Fundraiser will be a “Goods and Services Auction.” Desert platters, bread baskets, jewelry boxes, and other containers will hold treasures or a commitment to provide a service to the lucky bidder. For the service auction, please contribute some small token that represents a service you are willing to provide within one year of purchase. Examples include: a 6” piece of tablet woven trim with a card promising 4 yards of trim, a leather strap with an explanation of your willingness to make a baldric for a dress blade, a tent stake with a note stating you will assist with camp set-up at Estrella War (or another event), or a page of blank sheet music with the promise to compose and perform a ballad for the honor of your benefactor. Please contact the Event Steward or Fundraiser Coordinator if you have any questions.

The site is the Clearfield Community Church. Due to the nature of the site, alcohol and pets are prohibited. There are member’s homes available should the need arise to accommodate these classes.

Directions: Take your best route to I-15. From either direction, take Clearfield Exit # 335. From the North, take a right off the exit, from the south, turn left (away from Hill AFB), and get in the left turn lane. The second light is Main (also called State Street or 1900 West) Street. Turn left. Take Main Street until you get to 200 S. It is the first set of lights after Center Street. Turn left. The Clearfield Community Church is just a few blocks on the corner of 500E. The church is on your left. There are parking lots in the side front and back of the church, with handicapped parking. Entrance is in the rear. Site is less than a mile from the I-15 exit. Signs will be posted where UDOT allows.

Site fee is $7 for adult members, which includes lunch. Youth over 5 YOA and under the age of 15 YOA will be $5, including lunch. $3 NMS will apply. There is not a family cap offered for this site so funds raised by children’s site fees can be applied to the children’s track of classes.

Crash space is available. Contact Lady Sofi the Crabby for arrangements.

Event Steward: Maestra Baronessa Bianca da Ravenna biancaraven@aol.com
Lunch Coordinator: Dame Meraud des Belles Feuilles merauddragonslayer@hotmail.com
Class Coordinator: The Honorable Lady Bethany of Windermere glmoas@hotmail.com
Children’s Class Coordinator: Lady Najarra najarrasmiles@yahoo.com
Fundraiser Coordinator: M'lady Fiametta Rosabella da Trastavere fiamettatrastevere@gmail.com
Crash Space Coordinator: Lady Sofi the Crabby sofithecrabby@yahoo.com

http://www.gryphonslair.org/collegium08.htm Location:
Barony of Gryphon’s Lair (Clearfield, Utah)