Sad farewell to Duke Morguhn Sheridan

AEthelmearc, the East Kingdom, and friends from other kingdoms are in sorrow at the passing of Duke Morguhn Sheridan, known modernly as John Charles Glenn, who has died after falling from a roof.

His Grace fell from the roof on September 21, and succumbed to his injuries on September 23. Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, OP, has posted a tribute to Duke Morguhn (see the "original article" link below), in which she says, "Morguhn served the Society with his every fiber and was an example to all who knew and met him. He was always seen helping, schlepping and washing when he was not retaining, guarding, fighting or fencing. And in recent years it seemed that if he was not sitting the throne, he was standing behind it as either Queen's Rapier Champion or King's Heavy Weapon's Champion. Even in the end he served, having given all he could to the world, down to the marrow of his bones."

During his distinguished SCA career, Duke Morguhn was King of the East and King of AEthelmearc -- more than once for each -- and was also Viscount of AEthelmearc before it became a kingdom. He was also a Knight and a Master of the Pelican.

Both a Masonic memorial and a religious service are scheduled for Saturday, September 27, 2008. The funeral will be at Dimbleby Friedel Williams and Edmunds funeral home in West Winfield, NY, beginning at 4:45 p.m. Calling hours will precede the funeral, and a pot luck dinner will be held at a nearby Masonic lodge afterward.

For those wishing to send flowers to the Saturday funeral, the information is as follows:

Village Florals
27 Genessee Street New Hartford NY
1-800-251-4351 or 315-797-7700
contact name: Marilyn

The publishers of extend our condolences to Duke Morguhn's family and friends.

And I'm a better man for knowing him.

I'm crying for the death a man I knew little of,
I'm crying more for his Ladies whom I knew not at all,
But most for the great love they shared,
Now relegated to Memory's hallowed hall.

It scarce seemed real that such a man lived,
Could passion and tenderness exist in one soul?
Yet those who knew him better say 'aye, it did'
And every life he touched felt more whole.

Our sorrow this day we cannot hide
Yet we know that in the end
The world may be a lesser place
But God has a new best friend.