[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighterpractice VII

The Shire Aventiure invites all fighters Light and Heavy from far and wide to take part in the seventh round of the Northern Frankmark Fighterpractice. We hope that many of you will join us to teach fighting and to improve your skills. Artisans are welcome.

For the Fighter Practice :
Ziegelstraße 150
Lübeck, Germany

Meeting at 11.00, Practice will start at 11:15

For early visitors and anybody else:
Meeting point Lindenstrasse 18, 23795 Weede / Soehren, Meetingtime: 10:30

The practice will be inside. Please bring Indoor Sportshoes with you.

Visitors from far away can arrive at the 31.October.08. We will provide crash Space .

Address: Lindenstrasse 18, 23795 Weede /Soehren
Please bring your own air-matress and bedding.

Breakfeast and Lunch will be provided for a small donation

Sitefee: 4
Food :8
Children pay only 3 for food and no sitefee. Payment at the door.

Please bring your own drinks

For reservations please contact : Lord Tibald von Dijon e-Mail: m.ehler(at)freenet.de
Please make Your Reservations until 15th of October if possible.

Event Steward
Lord Vrank von Attendorn
e-Mail: vrank_1474(at)yahoo.de

Lady Griseldis Partheymüller
e-mail: lady_griseldis(at)web.de

MIC Fencing
Lord Vrank von Attendorn Location:
Shire Aventiure (Lübeck, Germany)