Metal Detectors Pose Threat to Britain's Battlefields

History News Network: British archaeologists fear that the recent popularity of amateur treasure hunters using metal detectors may endanger the country's historic battlefields. People buy metal detectors for a number of reasons. Some want to discover a piece of history, while others are looking for buried treasure. The recent popularity of historical hobbyists in England has led archaeologists to fear for the country's historic battlefields, according to the Battlefield Trust.

Affected are at least 10 historic sites including Edward IV's Wars of the Roses victory at Tewkesbury (1471), the Civil War battles of Newark and Newbury, and Henry V's first great battle at Shrewsbury. The Marston Moor battlefield in Yorkshire was badly damaged when over 300 amateur archaeologists with metal detectors took to the field on one weekend, digging up artifacts from the Civil War battle. English Heritage is looking into the problem and hopes to find an answer to the destruction before it is too late.