[CAL] Harrowing of Le Hauteur

Around the year 1000, an Anglo-Saxon fleet attacks a Viking raider camp in western Normandy, under the protection of Duke Richard I.

Location: The Heights (of Wayne)
When: September 26 — 28

Site opens 5:00 pm Fri and closes noon Sunday

Site fees:
Adults : $8
Children (ages 6-12) : $4
Children under 6 : Free, nothing, nada
$3 non-member surcharge will apply
Feast fee : $7

Facilities: The usual Port-O-Johns will be available; showers will not.

For all fighting, except torchlight and Gryphon's Mark tournaments, no swords longer than 24" will be allowed on the field, except for Knights and the team commanders. Spear, Axe, Mass Weapons, and early period Pole Arms only. Round and Kite Shields encouraged, as is making an attempt to hide modern bits. Fighting: Gryphon's Mark Fighter Champion Tournament. 6 foot Spear & Round Shield Tournament. short sword or seax 24" or less as a backup weapon.
Saxon army (navy) attacks Viking camp think raiding party meets barroom brawl.

Saxon army attacks Norman Castle timed resurrection battle. Combat Archery encouraged.
Smack Talk Torchlight Tournament let the smack talk begin, then back it up in this tournament

Saxons are coming!!! Fri night torchlight shoot Timed shoot
Sneaky Saxon moving target shoot
Javelin Toss: in several age groups

Bardic Competitions: judging by populace
best poetic riddle
best "going to war" poem or song

Arts and sciences:
best Saxon age relic, that you have made, in any medium

Event Steward: Tihel Harnson

Directions to Site:
Take your best route to Hwy I-70 & Warrenton MO. Exit #193 (Hwy 47) Go South on Hwy 47 to Hwy CC (about 7.5 miles) Turn Left/East onto Hwy CC Go East about 2 miles to 18683 hwy CC, Warrenton, Missouri 63383. Follow SCA signs.

Note: Google Maps gives a slightly inaccurate location for the event. The correct location is here:

Site is openly wet; please be courteous and considerate. Location:
Canton of Riverhold & Gryphon's Mark (The Heights of Wayne, Missouri)