[WES] Harvest Colligium

Hear Ye Hear Ye As the Echoes of Summer Fade We are Rolling out the Welcome Mat of Colored Leaves, and Welcoming you to the Shire of Hrafnafjordr where we will be holding a Harvest Colligium attended by her Highness Prinzessin Elisa on Saturday and Sunday Nov 1st & 2nd at the Kenaitize Elder Center in Kenai, Alaska (1000 Mission Ave.)

We will have classes both days, and at this time some of the classes available will be Period Dance (taught by Her Highness), Metal Smithing, History of Period Illumination, Silk Ribbon Rose Making, Round and Flat Braid Kumihimo Braiding, Viking Wire Knitting, On Hands Cooking Class Making Period Stuffing, and a Special Bread Pudding, Team Amazing Brain Games, Beginning games like Mancala, Backgammon, Cribbage, and a few others to be announced, Small Wood Breakdown Table, History of the Roman Coliseum Games. Depending on schedules we will possibly have Period Shoes Working From Your Last to Leather, and Naalbinding, The Making of Miniature Trebuchets, and then a Marshmallow Fight to see how they work, and Chain Maille From Scratch.

We would like to hold a Heavy and Rapier competition to honor the harvest and win the honor of the Lord or Lady of the Falling Leaves on Sunday at around 1 p.m.; however, we are in need of marshals, and fighters.

We will have an A & S display set up so please bring anything you would like to share hand made or bought.

It is always wonderful to see all the beautiful work being done or worn by the Oerthans.

We will be sharing a Harvest Feast featuring "Fish and Foul" donated by the Autocrat. Please bring a themed dish to feed between 8 to 10 people according to your favorite SCA activity. You will be able to heat up any dish you want to bring, or if you want to make something on site please let your autocrat know ahead of time.

Please have a written or typed card with your SCA name, the name of your dish, and the ingredients for allergy reasons. Anyone who has made this card will be asked to put it into a hat after feast for a door prize.


  • Rapier Fighting-Stuffing or Potatoes regular or sweet potatoes in any form
  • Service or Research -Vegetables in any form including cranberries of any kind
  • Heavy Fighting-Bread or Rolls (with butter)
  • Wood, Leather, Bone or Antler-Green Salad and Salad Dressing, or Potato salad, Macaroni salad, etc.
  • Garb any mode-Appetizers-Cold Veggie tray, cheese, pepperoni, salami, ham, crackers, chips, dips ect.
  • Needlework, or Yarn Projects -Desserts-Pumpkin Pie (whip cream), Sweet potato pie, Apple pie, cookies, anything chocolate, or anything with raspberries, and anything else you want to make or bring to put smiles on faces. J

After feast and our day starts to wind down we will be having a Bardic. Please bring any song book you have and any period instrument you may have whether you can play it or not. Who knows maybe someone will show up that can show you how to play that drum, harp, or recorder you may have had in your closet forever.

If you need crash space please contact your autocrat to make arrangements.

Take your best route to Kenai. Turn Left at the intersection of Main Street and Spur Hwy.Turn Right on Cook Ave.(turns into Mission Ave.) Right turn into the Kenaitze Indian Tribe Tyotkas Elder Center 1000 Mission Ave. Follow the signs.

Site opens at 10 am on Saturday Nov 1st and Closes at 10 pm SCA time
Site opens at 10 am on Sunday Nov 2nd and Closes at 5 pm

Site Fee
Adult to 13 $6.00, Smalls-12 to 6 $3.00, 5 and Under Free $3.00 Non Member Service Charge Make checks payable to SCA Inc.

Your Harvest Autocrat
Adisa Hrafn Ulfsdottir
Email- Ladyadisa@alaska.net or hurtzlot@yahoo.com Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr (Kenai, Alaska)