Great Western War XI Preview Gatebook now online

A preview copy of the Gatebook for Great Western War XI is now available to view online. More announcements on the War below.

Great Western War XI
October 8-13, 2008

Pre-reg guests can arrive on the 7th.
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GATE BOOK preview now online at:

Land allocation Extended until the 26th!

The land registration link:
The map link:

Please read the directions before registering your camp. The campmaster must be pre-registered for the war or the camp will not receive an allocation. Couple of important notes- Cantons and Colleges should use their Barony as the geopolitical unit and then list the name of the Canton or College as the camp name. If the camp is not aligned with a geopolitical sub-group, use Kingdom of Caid as the geopolitical group. There are also several Kingdoms listed as geopolitical groups: The West Kingdom, Kingdom of Atenveldt, Kingdom of An Tir, Kingdom of the Outlands and Kingdom of Artemisia. Please check with your campmaster to find out which geopolitical group your camp is registered with.

Allocation will close on September 26, 2008 to allow the land folk the time to do their jobs. If you have any questions, please contact Baroness Brianna Je Nell at

If you used the on-line ACCEPS pre-registration system please BE SURE to bring a copy of your email confirmation with you to gate. Hurricane Ike has caused interruptions in the automated system and this may be our only way to confirm your registration. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Other News:
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A & S, Where Art Meets Science at Great Western War XI
Come by the Arts and Science Common and check our list of exciting classes. There will be music and scribal classes, needle arts and armor. Come make your own Gillie shoes or discover how to enhance your persona. Join in the Wool to Whatever Challenge or display your crafts and art at the People's Choice Competition. You can do it all at Arts and Sciences at Great Western War. We also will have a full listing of instruction being held by the Kingdom Chirurgeon at Chirurugeon's point and on the battlefield. We will be ringing the Canon Hours during the War with the help of youngsters from Youth Point. Our thanks to the Gentle Lords who have built this for us. Come visit us at A&S, everyone is Welcome!!