[NOR] Northshield Rose Tourney

Hear ye! Northshield's first Rose Tourney will be a spectacle to behold. It will be a day filled with pageantry and revelry, and all are invited!

The theme is that of the Grand Tournament, with valiant warriors selected by the Royal Ladies to champion their honor and reputation. The warriors of Northshield, both armored and rapier, will demonstrate their prowess to all whom attend. Matching livery is encouraged, as is your finest garb.

In the medieval age, the Grand Tournament was not only a spectacle but a place to gather and enjoy each other's company. The Northshield Rose Tourney aspires to have this same atmosphere, with good cheer going well into the evening. It is a celebration of pageantry and prowess.

Please honor the spirit of the day by keeping appearances high. We ask that mundanities be covered or away from view within the Period Camping area and list field.

We will be joining together to create a magical day, and we look forward to having you join us!

Site Information
Harmony Park Campground
Clarks Grove, MN

Site opens Friday 4pm, closes Sunday 2pm
Cars allowed on site Friday to 10 am Saturday and all day Sunday.
No vehicles on site Saturday after 10 am, until Sunday.
Running water, no electricity, no picnic tables.
Lunch and dinner not provided.
Firewood must be purchased on site, fire rings are available on site.
Please make every effort to maintain a period atmosphere 10 am Saturday to Sunday morning.

$20 Camper arriving anytime
$12 Saturday only
$8 Saturday only Shade fly Fee
$3 SCA Non-member Surcharge

Directions to The Site
Take interstate 35 to the Clark’s Grove exit (state highway 251/exit 18). If coming from the North, turn right (East)on state highway 251. If coming from the South turn left (East)on state highway 251. The first left on State Highway 251 is .2 mile from the freeway. Turn left (north) on County 45 and go about 2 miles to the entrance to Harmony Park Campground. There is a very large sign, and the entrance is across the road from a group of grain bins. Harmony Park is at the end of the gravel road, about .8 mile. The entire trip is about 1¼ to 1½ hours south from Minneapolis.

http://www.gryph.com/tourney/default.htm Location:
Kingdom of Northshield (Clarks Grove, Minnesota)