[AET] Veternaetur

As the seasons turn cooler we look to celebrate Veturaetur (otherwise known as Winter Nights), the Norse harvest festival. Join us for a day of All Things Viking and enjoy the last games before retiring to your longhouse for the cold months ahead.

We'll be culling our herds and devouring the crops that won't keep, so join us for a scrumptous feast prepared by Reyni-Hrefna. A proper Viking feast is planned. If you have any dietary restrictions you may contact her karstyl@gmail.com. Seating is limited, so you may wish to reserve early. Here s a link to the menu in progress. She reserves the right to change what is on it until we get closer to the event. http://hrefna.karstyl.com/vikingfeast08/vikingfeast08.html

4H Acres
418 Lower Creek Rd
Ithaca NY 14850

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of the AEthelmearc Metalsmith Guild's First Metal Symposium. A variety of classes and activities are in the works such as bladesmithing, piercing and saw work, etching and balcksmithing. orge space is available. For more details contact THL Captain John Michael Thorpe (sunshadow@twcny.rr.com)

Martial activities for the day will include such Viking feats as armoured combat, thrown weapons, archery, and youth combat. Of course, other activities and games will be available for the youth and adults alike.

The site will open at 9am and close at 9pm.

Reservations may be sent to the autocrat, Gytha Oggsdottir gytha@tigerfire.net

The day fee is $8 for adults, half price for children under 17. Under 5 is free. Fees for our sumptuous feast are $8 for adults, half price for children under 12. Under 5 is free. Family cap is set at $52. The NMS is in effect as usual, $3 must be collected for all adults who cannot show proof of membership. The only good reservation is a paid reservation.

Merchant space is available. Contact the autocrat for more details.

Directions to the site: We are at 4H Acres in Ithaca, NY. From Rt. 79 WEST, drive down the hill until you reach Rt. 13 Drive North on 13 past the airport. At the third cross-road (Lower Creek Road), there will be a sign pointing left to 4-H Acres. It will be close on the left hand side of the street. Address: 418 Lower Creek Road

This information plus a map is available at http://myrkfaelinn.aethelmearc.org/events/2008-10.html Location:
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn (Ithaca, New York)