[OUT] Outlands Fall Coronation

The Shire of Drygestan cordially invites one and all to attend Fall Coronation of Prince Alrik and Princess Salomea on November 8, 2008, at the Alumni Hall at the College of Santa Fe, and be present when father crowns son.

Feasters will enjoy an incredible meal, cooked by THLady Theresa Cabeza de Vaca. The feast is limited to 100 people. If you are interested in enjoying sausages, beef rolls, and elk, along with pottage of cabbage and onions, a dish of chickpeas, a dish of mushrooms and leeks, and a dish of spinach and onions (among other delectable dishes), please contact THLady Maimuna via e-mail at thlmaimuna @ gmail.com by October 13th. The cost of the feast is $10 per person. Please include in the e-mail the SCA and legal name and membership number of each person for whom you are reserving feast. If you wish to pre-pay the feast (or pre-pay both feast and site), please mail the information to THLady Maimuna. Her mailing address is included below. As always, the only true reservation is a paid reservation. Any unpaid feast reservations will be released on October 27th.

The menu for the feast will be posted on the Drygestan webpage ( www.drygestan.outlands.org) in a few days and will be available via e-mail if you e-mail THLady Maimuna, at the address listed above. The menu posted will have ingredients listed, so that those with food allergies can be apprised. For specific feast questions, please contact THLady Theresa at too_be_free @ hotmail.com Location:
Shire of Drygestan (Santa Fe, New Mexico)