[ANS] Axeman V

The Canton of Skorragarðr Hosts Axeman V November 14 - 16, 2008 at the Will Rogers Scout Reservation, Cleveland, Oklahoma

The day will offer fun and merriment to all peoples of Ansteorra and many questions will be answered on this day. Who will be The Axeman of Skorragarðr? Who will be our next Rapier Champion? There will be a grand archery competition to determine the next Archer of Skorragarðr, as well as, as thrown weapons championship. In the grand feast hall, there will be an Arts and Science competition and after the sun kisses the horizon we will gather round the fire to determine our Titled Skald.

There will also be a friendly Viking Games competition going on in the feast hall. From Skorragarðr, Lord Andrukh will teach a calligraphy class and Lord Hatur will teach a class on Viking Lore. While from Namron, Lord Lawrence will be teaching a leatherworking class, Lady Annabelle will be teaching Inkle Weaving, and Lady Annais de Montgomerie will teach a class on Nalbinding. A heraldic tent will be set up to assist anyone with name or device questions.

The children will be treated to a fun day of events and competitions of their own!!

Lady Ara will be providing soups, breads, drinks and more at her tavern on Friday evening and all day Saturday until just before court. After a hard day of competitions, Lord Gaelan will serve a feast that is sure to warm the bellies of all those in the feast hall. The Feast O' Crat is also sponsoring The Great Bread Bakeoff. Participants are encouraged to bring a loaf of bread that they have baked off site. Lord Gaelan and his crew will judge the entries and declare their winner. All the breads of the competition will be served with feast for all to enjoy.

Site opens at 5pm Friday and closes at noon Sunday.

Site Fees:
Adult Member: $10.00
Member (12-17): $8.00
Member (6-11): $5.00
NMS: $3.00
Family Max: $30.00
Feast: $8.00
Feast is limited to the first 65 people

Disability Coordination: Please contact Lady Isobel Margaret de Kirkbryde ahead of time if you require special accommodations. She will do what is possible to accommodate you.

Event Stewards
Sarait Inghean Beathain and Sæmundr inn skærr (Jennifer and Jim Couch)
eventstewards@gmail.com M

Merchant Steward:
Sayyidah Fayidah binte Asad umm Jawhar

http://sites.google.com/site/axemanv/ Location:
Canton of Skorragarðr (Cleveland, Oklahoma)