[ART] Artemisian Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament, by which Artemisia's line of succession is determined, shall be held at the Cache County Fairgrounds in Logan, Utah, on October 11, 2008, hosted by the Shire of Cote du Ciel.

This is a beautiful site that has a feast hall and kitchen, a manicured green area for fighting, an outdoor covered barbecue area, bathrooms, and a large indoor hall that can be used for running multiple erics simultaneously in the case of inclement weather. There are numerous trees on site, and the area is both spacious and relatively secluded.

The most gracious Timmur and Tianna have proclaimed that all entrants to Crown List prepare and display a banner representing them. Additionally, the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal, and Kingdom List Minister must receive a Letter of Intent and Entrant Information Forms for each entrant and consort no later than September 29, 2008 (forms and addresses available in the Sage, and on the event website).

The competition for Bard of Artemisia will take place at Crown Tournament. Artists who wish to compete should prepare a presentation, up to 5 minutes in length. No documentation is required. Contact Baroness Casamira either by e-mail (jeannecas at gmail.com) prior to the event, or catch her on the day of the event to secure a place on the list. Presentations will take place during dinner or at their Majesties pleasure.

The feast is being prepared by the same team that won the Iron Chef competition at Uprising, under the watchful gaze of that culinary genius Lady Flora of Heronton. Feast shall be limited to the first 85 reservations. Reservations are required, though you need not pay in advance. Contact Baroness Rebecca Chadderton for feast reservations.

Kingdom War Practice will held on the following day (Sunday). A hearty breakfast will be available on-site before the practice, for a trifling fee. Because the site is near the center of historic downtown Logan, there are numerous off-site dining and sleeping accommodations within a 5-minute drive. Baroness Rebecca Chadderton is the crash space coordinator.

An on-site lunch will be available as a kingdom fundraiser the day of the tournament.

This is a dry site. No smoking is allowed. Pets are allowed on leashes. Much more information, including a full listing of the event activities, contact information, feast details, maps, and lodging/crash space help, can be found at the event website: http://www.cs.usu.edu/~watson/c08.

Site Fee $7
Feast $10*
Lunch $5
War Breakfast $4
*(1/2 price for children under 12)

http://www.cs.usu.edu/~watson/c08/ Location:
Shire of Cote du Ciel (Logan, Utah)