Rhonwen, Radegund newest Laurels of Midrealm

At the event Vikings Come Home, held in the Barony of Donnershafen (northern Michigan) in Pentamer, TRMs Lutr and Tessa were prepared to elevate one Laurel candidate and to set another on vigil.

After elevating Lady Rhonwhen, however, the candidate to be put on vigil, Baroness Radegund, asked for immediate elevation instead. In the words of Mistress Iasmin de Cordoba:

As had been planned, (now) Mistress Rhonwen merc Alun was elevated to the Laurel after having sat her vigil as directed since the time she was notified at Hastings earlier in the year. Before we were dismissed from The Presence, however, Their Majesties asked of Baron Odo and Baroness Dulcinea what, if anything, had been their inspiration for some of the great things TRMs had been seeing recently. Baron Odo expounded upon how he'd *like* to commend a lord for being an inspiration in a great many things in his life, except that he couldn't....because this lord was a lady.

And at that point he begged the boon for Serjant Radegund to be admitted to the Order of the Laurel. TRMs invited her to think upon her deeds and let Their Heirs know at what time she would be available (given that Coronation is next week). After a moment's thought, she said that if They were willing, she would do the deed then and there. TRMs were stunned, and even paused for quite a few moments, but acquiesced graciously.

It is my personal opinion that the good Serjant thought perhaps she would not hear, and I quote, "That mushy stuff when people talk about you."


ALL the chivalry in attendance spoke for her. ALL the pelicans in attendance stood for her. Duchess Rebekah probably came close to strangling herself on her cloak in the mad leaping she did to stand fast enough to speak as a royal peer. And we were somewhat afraid when members of the populace innocently began interrupting TRMs for the honor of speaking for her.

Wrong wrong wrong indeed, she was.

Newly affianced Radegund was elevated in style as the sun was setting, the weather was cooling, and the spirits were high. She is now the baby laurel by mere minutes, just a tad younger than my apprentice sister TH Mistress Rhonwen who gave up her laurel medallion for the cause, having received it mere moments before, and smiled along with everyone else when we were all stunned to hear "Well, now would be good." :)