[WES] Time for Tudor: Elizabeth's Sea Dogs

Have you ever wanted to sail the seas in search of Adventure? Have you ever had a hankering to just dig in the dirt hoping to find "Treasure". Have you ever wished that your sailing could win you riches and perhaps the favor of royalty?

Come one, Come all to an evening of Pirates and Privateers as we celebrate our nautical heritage. With Song, dance and celebration.

There will be fun for the young and of course the young at heart!! There will be fun and games galore, test your meddle. Press your luck, trying avoid the black spot. Or risk being arrested on site as your warrant is collected?

Have you been naughty or nice? Do you or do you not have the favor of your Royalty? Come find out if you can acquire such a prize.

We'll dig for treasure, we'll feast on seafaring foods (a little improved for our modern taste buds).

There will be some appetizer foods provided, please bring something to share.

As will Anti-Scurvy punch be provided, if you've other preference please bring your own beverage to partake of.

Nautical Knot contest, something pre-tied, but please bring documented on what it would have been used for.

Best "Authentic" Seafarers Costume time period of 1600-1650 will be accepted.

Time: 5pm-10pm
Date: November 8, 2008
Location: The Fairview Recreation Center, 1121 E. 10th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska

Directions: Catch you best wind to the street of Ingra, and follow it quite a ways to the north (towards downtown) proceed to turn Starboard (That's Right for you not yet nautical minds) on 13th Avenue, continue to catch the wind for few more blocks cut a hard to Port (Left) onto Medfra Street, proceed North to bare a mild Port turn onto 10th Avenue, proceed to the 1121 E. 10th Address on the Starboard side. Dock your ship, be sure to pay the docking fee once you have disembarked your ship.

Site fee:
$7.00 Ages: Adult – 13
Ages: 12-7: $5.00
Ages: 6-0 Free

If you have questions please contact the Autocrat Bianca Rose Byrnes at bianca267@yahoo.com Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)