Peerage Survey for Non-Rattan Combat

Maitre Wilhelus le Casse of the Kingdom of Atenveldt has posted a survey regarding the creation of a peerage for non-rattan combat.

Maitre Wilhelus writes:

Peerage Survey for Non-Rattan Combat

The populace of the Society is invited to participate in a survey to determine if there is support for the notion of Peerage recognition for fields of Society Martial Arts other than Rattan combat. If you feel that those who display Peer-like behavior in such fields as Fencing, Archery, Siege Engineering, Equestrian, etc are worthy of Peerage recognition, or believe that they do not, we invite you to make your opinion known, and would ask that you invite others to express their views on the matter as well. This survey will be presented to the BoD for their consideration. Please take the Survey by clicking on "original article" below.

Please feel free to cross post as you will. The more opinions the better.

Maitre Wilhelus le Casse


I have to say I can’t disagree more with the comments thus far or having a poll at all. I am glad in the body of the text that the poll is highlighted as not being “an official poll”, discussion regarding the modification of the peerage in any shape or form is a matter for the crown and the peerage.. not the populace. Be that the creation of a new order or modification of an existing one. If the crown comissions a poll, then so be it.

There is only two options available should the barrow actually be pushed:

1. The creation of separate peerage group/s

2. Modifcation of The Order of Chivalry

Should the crown in any kingdom with discussion of the peerage deem that a new order is required for any reason I shall respect the word of that crown. I will then respect members of this order that have been singled out for whatever skill has enriched that kingdom and society as a whole.

The order of chivalry in all kingdoms I have actual knowledge of has built itself a reputation to be admired. Admission into this fine group of men and women is bourne out of skill at arms coupled with chivalric behaviour, careful selection and quiet reflection is required for nomination.

If the order of chivalry wish to expand itself to encompass other combat forms that is a matter for the order, not people crowing form the edges no matter what authorisations they may have on their card.

Lucas Maxwell

4th peerage

I too feel that these combat activities deserve peer recognition & elevation. I do not, however, think they need a separate peerage. I believe the Order of Chivalry should broaden itself to include these other activities, I understand they will not be happy about that. All combat activities are "chivalric" regardless of what corpora may say about them. Especially equestrian activities considering the word chivalry come from an older french word for skill at horsemanship. It is and would be a shame not to honor all peerage level combatants as knights.

Taran Saraev

Fourth Peerage; A Society-wide revision.

Revising the entire scheme of how the SCA works by adding a fourth peerage is just as impractical as revising the definition of Knighthood to include all martial activities.

The differance though is that instead of creating yet another redheaded stepchild order, it would have to be broadening the scope of interests that the current Chivalry would have to watch, instead of limiting things to simply who studies the arte of seal-bashing. *smirks* (yes, I am authorized in heavy, so don't get your knickers twisted.)

I would rather enjoy making 10 years of refining my skills, include gaining more skills. Study of the manuals of masters of the arts; Fiore, Morrozo, Meyer, Swetnam, Silver, Capoferro, Thibault and more. I have read these, and am working on understanding them and applying them. But I am looking forward to Equestrian skills, shoe-making skills, Illumination, Archery, Mounted Combat and more.

One of the Early players in the SCA, and one who is still whacking and bashing on the field, once challenged me by saying; "It's alright to play rapier. Just do it in heavy armor where we can take a swipe at you."

Now, I am accepting and returning the challenge to All heavy fighters. It's fine to play at heavy armored combat. Just study a manual or three to gain some elementery background, and get up on a horse. See how a Knight of the times would see. Learn as many forms of fighting as you can. By limiting others, you limit yourself, and how can that possibly serve the Kingdom, or the SCA?

A fourth peerage.. is not nessecary, if the Chivalry were to broaden its' scope, and range of interest. It is already being done in the West with Royal Peers, Kings, Princes, Dukes, Princesses and Queens taking up Rapier.. and inspiring rapier fighters in indescribable ways.

Seaghdha Cameron

Ego nihil addo vos, Domina, salvifico is armo is gladius quod votum honoro vos.