[EAS] Golden Tygre Tavern II

We are happy to announce that the Golden Tygre Tavern will be opening for business again this September. This year Baron Steffan ap Kennydd of Silverwing has graciously offered to sponsor a tournament in the style of a Pas d'armes.

On a hard day of fighting (and watching your favorite fighters), all are sure to need refreshment and distraction. The Landlady of the Golden Tygre Tavern (Lady Adeliade Wanderer) welcomes you. Anyone who has patronized the Tavern before will tell you that the Tavern Keeper (Lord Johan Wanderer) provides a fare that is hearty and appetizing, and a roaring fire if the weather is chilly. The selection of handcrafted beer and mead is plentiful and tasty and the servers are friendly and helpful (but expect to be tipped well). The best part of all is the congenial atmosphere that will bring you back to events of old. This is a place where pretension has no place and frivolity and fun are the rules of the weekend. Many an ‘alternate' personae is brought out to protect the integrity of the well decorated.

The event runs on a ‘Tygre economy'. You can trade your mundane currency at the Landlady's table for Golden Tygres at the rate of 2 Tygres for 1 dollar. Tygres will be used for everything in the tavern from food and drink to gambling, or bribing the serving wenches. However, there are other ways to get Tygres. We welcome bards, and gamblers and dancers and fortunetellers to come and work the crowd. Anything goes as long as no one gets hurt. The tavern keeper will also be looking for outrageous and playful servers. Remember, this is a medieval tavern. You may hawk your wares, be they goods or services (be as creative as you like with this – it adds to the fun). There will be some table space available that you can claim if you call ahead. Feel free to bring tables and blankets to set up in grassy areas. First come, first served for the best locations, but check with the Landlady first so you don't interfere with any other activity. You may find that blackmail or gambling brings you extra wealth. Volunteering as a server with the Tavern Keeper is a good way of coaxing Tygres out of the other patrons. Tygres will be given as prizes at the tourney and by the Landlady at her discretion as a way of thanking anyone who is making themselves useful. Once you have purchased Tygres, you may not change them back for mundane currency.

Brewers and Vintners: Landlady, Adelaide Wanderer, would like to add your brews to her list of featured beverages. She will pay for raw materials if you provide a receipt and will compensate you in Tygres at the rate of 5 Tygres per gallon.

From the North:
Take 95 in Rhode Island to exit 6 (Rte. 3 - Nooseneck Hill Rd.). Make a right at the end of the ramp***

From the South:
Take 95 in Rhode Island to exit 6 (Rte. 3 - Nooseneck Hill Rd.). Make a left at the end of the ramp***


There will be a Tim Horton's on the right and a Super 8 Motel on the left. Follow for 1.2 miles to the first traffic light. Make a left onto Harkney Hill Rd. The camp is 3.9 miles on the left. Pass the guard house and bear left to park in the parking lot.

*If you bear right to drive to the cabins to drop off stuff, you MUST park your car in the parking lot ASAP so you do not block the fire lane or it WILL be towed!

Event Website: http://baronyofthebridge.eastkingdom.org

At-a-Glance Event Information

Westwood YMCA Camp
2095 Harkney Hill Rd.
Coventry, RI 02816

Site Opens: Friday, Sept. 19, 2008 at 7pm
Site Closes: Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008 a noon

Event Fees:
Site : Cabin space - $20 per person
Tent space - $40 per tent (4 people per tent max)
$3 non-member surcharge applies to these fees.

Feast: Breakfast is included in the cabin and tent fees. All other food is purchased with Tygres, A La Carte style. The landlady suggests 20 tygres ($10 worth) should feed you fairly well. Tygres will be available for sale until 9pm on Saturday, so you can always buy more if you lose them foolishly at gaming or other foolishness.

Celia Zanger
celia dot me at verizon dot net

Other Contact Information:
celia dot me at verizon dot net

Jon Zanger 401-727-4363
j dot zanger at verizon dot net

Server volunteers:
Celia Zanger 401-727-4363
celia dot me at verizon dot net

Brewing volunteers:
Celia Zanger 401-727-4363
celia dot me at verizon dot net

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc. Barony of the Bridge Location:
Barony of the Bridge (Coventry, Rhode Island)