[MER] Meridian Grand Tournament

Ladies and gentlemen, lords and ladies, gentles of all ages, it is time again for that greatest of all shows of Meridian Pageantry, Prowess and Chivalry - Meridian Grand Tournament!

When? September 26-28 2008

Where? WoW Camp in Royal Alabama (I know I know. You are all saying - its so far away, stuck in the corner of the kingdom and we never use that site for ANYTHING see the website for directions if you can't remember how to get there)

Website - http://meridiangrandtourney.org (go here it has EVEN MORE information!)

Host Group: Shire of An Dun Theine

How Much? Weekend $16 Daytrip $10

We have for you this year as every year 5 count them 1,2, 3, 4, 5 Qualifyer tournaments! A Grand Champion tournament will follow with an absolutely gorgeous scroll by the wonderful and lovely Lady Elisenda de Luna, it promises to be quite the fantastic Scroll.

Knights Rally your households, Warriors stand to your banners. Take the field with weapons of peace in good willed contests and feats of arms. Strive against your fellow combatants to be the victor of one of the 5 tournaments! This will allow you to compete in the Grand Tournament for the coveted title of Meridian Grand Champion!

Participating in fighting not your thing? Then come and join the noble fellowship while the warriors, heroes, and knights of our kingdom (and others) put on their display of pageantry, prowess and chivalry for you!

Want more Arts and Sciences at Meridian Grand Tournament, come and setup a display of your artesian skills in your pavilion, work on something while you watch, speak to others about your work. Embrace the Noble fellowship of the day.

Food: There will be food brought around during each tournament! That's right snacks will be served field side to you.

Changes from previous years;

  1. ME! I'm no longer in charge of this shindig (but I am your friendly neighborhood loudmouth er PR guy) your new MGT Coordinator is the very cool Sir Thomas Blackmoore - for those who don't know him, he's Lady Elisenda's husband. He is the man with the plan

  2. Rose Tournament - Still single elimination destructive doubles, but this year there is no need for a child sponsor.

  3. Sable Sword Tournament - Because people wanted yet MORE fighting at MGT (geeze what are you people gluttons for punishment?) the new format for the Sable Sword Tournament will be a William Marshal Tournament.

  4. Pickup field - there will be a pickup field for fighters to use BETWEEN tournaments set to the side away from the main field. �� this way if you want to stay 'warmed up' between tournaments, especially if you qualified for the final tournament early you have a way to do so.

This has been Press release #1 for MGT, more will follow - also check out the MGT thread over on the wonderful new Meridian Forums http://www.forums.meridies.org


Ulrich Location:
Shire of An Dun Theine (Royal, Alabama)