[AET] Have Fun Storming the Castle

Come one, come all to our castle! Hang your banner high in the great hall at the Hael's castle! Our event is to be held at Tonawanda Castle, 69 Delaware Ave., Tonawanda, New York, 14150. Yes this is a new site, a must see.

The site is open at 9am and closes at 9pm.

The autocrat is Mistress Gillian Llywellyn of Ravenspur gillianhartner@hotmail.com). Our new and upcoming feastocrat is Lord Constantine Blackhart. If you have dietary questions please email him at sginter@roadrunner.com

Reservations for feast are limited so please reserve early by no later than November 5th. Reservations will be taken by Lady Mary Elizabeth Clason llsteffan@verizon.net Make checks payable to SCA,INC. Barony of Rhydderich Hael. Remember the only good reservation is a paid reservation!

The prices are as follows: Adult site fee $12, onboard $20. Teens 13-17 site fee is $9 and onboard is $14, children 5-12 site fee is $6 and onboard is $7. children in arms to 4 years old are free. Non member fees of $3 are extra and will be collected at the door The site fee does include lunch and it is imperitive that you reserve for your site fees as well so that we have much food for all.

Heavy weapons fighting and fencing tournaments will be held for the honor of the fighter's lady or lord, favors of such being represented must be worn during the tournament by the participant. Youth fighters come join the carnation tournament and fight for the parent's honor who inspires you! We will also hold an artisan's forum and an A&S competition for adults, teens and halflings! Brewers you are not forgotten! Our site is damp so please bring your brews for our brewer's tasting! Classes will be held and our registrar for the classes is Lady Isolda Filia Georgii, if you wish to teach please contact her at email LadyMaryPT@aol.com

We will be holding a basket raffle by Lady Edith Winterton, playing jail and bail, we dare you to try and escape Lady Biotta's sherriffs.

Lady Morwenna Everdon will have her Turkish coffee house open! Put on your dancing shoes as there will also be dancing conducted by our own Lady Brigette!

Kids bring your siege engines and storm our castle. Fun for all and lots to do.

Merchants are to contact the autocrat.

Directions: From the North - take I-190 and cross both grand Island bridges, immediately to your right there is a turn off, take this turn off and stay to the right, at the end of the road make a right at River Road which becomes Niagara St and proceed to Delaware Avenue ( Niagara St becomes Delaware Ave.). You will probably see the castle tower at this point.

From the East and South- Take I-90 to I-290 heading West, Get off on the first exit for Delaware Ave. and proceed to the castle! There will be signs posted, but mapquest won't hurt

http://www.havefunstormingthecastle.info/ Location:
Barony of the Rhydderich Hael (Tonawanda, New York)