[MER] Legends XVII

Please come and help us celebrate our 20th anniversary with a weekend full of oriental delights and fights. Friday night starts the festivities with gaming, wonderful ambience and an oriental wayfarers.

When the moon sets and the sun rises, warriors can prepare for battle with a hearty breakfast provided by Sir Savogg and his lady wife Baroness Enowyn. Much strength and prowess will be needed to win the tourney and become Sol Haven’s traditional “Defender of the Sun”. Once our defender is established, the art of war will continue with melee excursions throughout the afternoon.

This tourney will be mingled with a Small Stars (youth combat ) tourney so that all may shine.

For those with a knack for accuracy, follow Hou Yi’s example and compete in the afternoon archery competition. If another path is of your choosing, classes in various ancient arts are available throughout the day.

As the moon prepares to rise a second time, a wonderful array of oriental flavors can be experienced in a feast prepared by Duchess Deidre. In the spirit of Chang’E, the food will set the mood for a romantic evening of moon gazing, Lanterns on the Lake fundraiser, a special Central Asian dance performance and much reveling.

A.H. Stephens Historic Park
456 Alexander St N
Crawfordville , GA 30631

Located north of I-20 near Crawfordville. Take exit #148 and go north on Ga. Hwy. 22 for 2 miles. Go east on U.S. Hwy. 278 1 mile and follow signs.

Troll Opens at 5:00 pm Friday night –
Site closes 10:00am on Sunday morning.

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Shire of Sol Haven (Crawfordville , Georgia)