[ANS] Tournament at the Oasis of the Crimson Sands

This is the tale of the Tournament of the Oasis of the Crimson Sands, not far from the Holy City of Jerusalem, between two great kings, Saladin, beloved of his people, and King Richard the Lion-Hearted, both great warriors of their respective lands.

Shimmering silks of azure blue, emerald, ruby and gold, along with sandalwood incense, wafted on the gentle breeze amongst the shaded pavilions of strange and unfamiliar shapes.

Ladies, both dusky and fair, dressed in brilliant colors and rich fabrics encrusted with jewels and gold were in attendance.

Hope, courage, and honor took the field that day, as skilled warriors, both Frank and Saracen, armor gleaming in the noonday sun, met in clashing combat of sword and rapier.

Horsemen, their spirited steeds harnessed in silver and gold, draped with cloth in the colors of the rainbow, completed in games of skill. Archers stood at the ready to loose their arrows, exhibiting their skill at finding the mark.

On a quest of their own went the children, seeking the fabled Lamp of Aladdin.

When shadows grew long and deep, a bountiful feast delighted the taste buds of both armies, while dance and music filed eyes and ears. To welcome his guests, the noble Saladin ordered a hafla to be held, with music, dance and storytelling.

In gratitude, royal Richard presented a play from his homeland, followed by a Crusader's campfire, with much merriment and song into the night. So, with the pink shades of dawn ends the Tale of the Tournament at the Oasis of the Crimson Sands.

Getting ready for the event? Perhaps you might be interested in a little historical background, pointers on clothing suited to the event's setting, or contact information for the event's organizers. Or maybe you want to know more about the nobles' lunch.

If you'd like to reserve space along the list field for your period pavilion, just contact the event stewards.

We also have some general information available for those who are attending an outdoor S.C.A. event in Bryn Gwlad for the first time.

The fee for this event is $10 for each person aged 18 years or more (with an additional $3 surcharge for any who cannot show proof of current membership in the S.C.A.) and $7 for each person aged 5 to 17 years. Those under 5 years of age will not be charged a fee, and any single family unit (consisting of parents and children) will be charged no more than $30 in total exclusive of non-member surcharges. (If you have questions about the family max policy, please contact the treasurer of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.) The cost of the evening feast will be $8 per person. You may pay both site and feast fees at the gate by cash, check, or money order. You can also pay them on or before October 24th using the online Ansteorran Credit Card Event Payment System.

Alcohol is permitted on the event site only if it is in period containers. Ground fires are not allowed at any time.

Pets are permitted on site only if they remain under human control at all times.

No minor may attend this event unless accompanied by (1) her or his parent or legal guardian or (2) an adult 21 years or more of age who is named in a notarized Minor Permission Form signed by the child's parent or legal guardian and filed at gate when the two sign in to the event. Children less than five years of age must remain under these individuals' direct supervision throughout the event, and those 12 years old or less must remain within range of their eyes and ears any time they are not signed in to official children's activities. If at any time the adult(s) responsible for a minor leave the event site, even briefly, the minor must also leave. Merchants are welcome at this event; contact the event stewards for relevant details.

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