[MER] Wine List XIX

The Shire of Glynn Rhe is hosting Wine List XIX October 3-5, 2008 at Cumberland Center in Columbia, TN. The event is very fighter-oriented, but does have something for those who enjoy making or tasting period adult beverages. In a twist on traditional A & S competitions, the team that wins the Wine List melee tourney will judge the event's only A & S contest and determine who has provided the "Best Period Adult Beverage."

Each fighter will perform a blind tasting and will rate entries on a scale from 1-10. Just to keep things on an upstanding scholastic level, entries that are accompanied by documentation gain an extra point--unless it is written on a cocktail napkin.

If you are involved in brewing or vinification, please consider attending our event. We are actively seeking experienced beverage makers as well as newbies for this less-than-objective-and-wildly-non- academic contest. We are encouraging contestants to bring large samples so that anything left unconsumed after the entries have been reviewed by the judges may also be scrutinized by event attendees of legal age and discerning palate. This may lead to an informal roundtable discussion and associated tomfoolery.

Fighters of legal age, please be aware of your extra responsibilities should your team win the Wine List melee tourney and be prepared to discharge your judicial duties with the appropriate level of gravity. Fighting beverage makers and beverage making fighters shall be allowed to enter both the tourney and the A & S contest. Should they win the tourney, they will be encouraged to score their own beverage as highly as they see fit. Location:
Shire of Glynn Rhe (Columbia, Tennessee)