[MER] Meridian Coursing Practice

The Meridian Coursing Guild is pleased to offer two practices this fall Sunday, October 5, 10am CST and Sunday, November 2, 10am CST

To be located at Holly Springs stables in Mentone, AL (northeastern AL). This is the same location as the Northern Meridian equestrian practices (which fall on the Saturdays of the above weekends).

We will be using part of a huge pasture, ideal because the course will be far from fences, but still fenced in.

All breeds of hounds are welcome, newcomers especially encouraged! Because this is a practice we will have the time available to help train new hounds to the lure. We are also looking for people that would like to train to become luremasters.

Dogs of all types were a ubiquitous part of period life and a number of dog types were used in hunting. In the SCA we recreate the thrill of hunting with dogs by using a lure to simulate the fleeing prey. Although off the track greyhounds have an advantage of early training in this "game", many other breeds, especially the sighthounds, have taken up the fun. And for those who love dogs, the thrill of seeing a hound in a full out run is exhilarating! It's no surprise that the nobility of our time period loved their dogs so much and hunting art work was so popular.

The Meridian Coursing Guild is open to everyone, owning a hound is not a requirement.

The guild hosts coursing at practices and events, and there are many opportunities to get involved, even if you don't want to handle a dog.

We also research and teach classes on dog-related subjects (the role of dogs in period, dog types, collars, etc.). There is a Yahoo Group for the Meridian Coursing guild (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meridies_coursing/join) as well as a website www.hounds.meridies.org

THL Peryn Rose Whytehorse
Houndsmistress, Meridies Location:
Meridian Coursing Guild (Mentone, Alabama)