Dom Duarte Goncalves de Montes, newest Companion of the Pelican in Drachenwald

At the Raglan event in Drachenwald, Genevieve la flechiere witnessed the vigil and elevation of Dom Duarte Goncalves de Montes to the Order of the Pelican.

Genevieve writes:

Dom Duarte, known to many as 'Gonz', has poured his youthful energy into event management, and service with both the rapier marshallate and the chirurgeonate as officer in Insulae Draconis (British Isles and Iceland) for several years. Yet perhaps because of his youth, and because many folk still think of him as 'just Gonz', most attendees were wonderfully surprised when Masters Etienne and Floris, at their Majesties' request, drew him from the populace and escorted him to his vigil.

It is very apt that he sat his vigil at Raglan Fair . For Dom Duarte has worked hard to build a relationship with Historic Wales (CADW) and has run Raglan Fair several times, helping to develop it from a handful of fighters and fencers playing around the castle grounds to a sturdy and growing camping event (5 days long and growing!) that holds renown across the Knowne World. Without his tireless (and often sleepless) service, we would not have Raglan Fair to enjoy.

At his elevation ceremony, Master Etienne was pleased to release Duarte from his vassalage, that Duarte might take on another fealty to the lands of Drachenwald.

Sir Cadogan map Cado's words, relating of Duarte's service and chivalric virtues, specifically his generosity of his time, memorably observed at Pennsic, were brought by his herald Robert of Canterbury.

His Excellency Master Sigmundr Hakonarsson spoke of his growth and participation in the Irish shires, having known Duarte Goncalves since his youth.

Meisterinne Eleanora von Ratzebourg spoke of his creativity in his service, on behalf of the Pelican circle.

Contessa Eufemia's words as a royal peer and lady of the Rose, attesting to Duarte's courtesy and service, were brought by Duquessa Allessandre Melusine.

And Lady Jacquelyna de Bellmont, seneschal of the Icelandic shire of Klakavirki, spoke of his service to her group as instructor, mentor, encourager of new rapier combatants, and teacher of brawle dances.

Hearing these words, Their Majesties Fiona and Thorvaldr were minded to elevate Dom Duarte to companionship of the Pelican.

His medallion was provided by Her Excellency Meisterinne Katerina von Hebenstreiz, who sent her good wishes via Master Etienne.

After being vested with the traditional kingdom Order cloak, Meisterinne Eleanora presented him with a short grey half-circle cloak of his own, beautifully beaded with a pelican in its piety, as befits a Portugese gentleman.

I am fortunate to have borne witness to these events, and to be able to recall them to the rest of the kingdom.

For Dom Duarte Goncalves, newest companion of the Pelican, Vivat, vivat, VIVAT.

Your servant,

Genevieve la flechiere
seneschal, shire of Thamesreach (mka London UK)