The First Knight of the Society has Passed Away

The First Knight of the Society, Sir Ardral Argo Ver Kaeysc, also known as David the Herald, and known in modern times at David Bradley, died in his sleep on Thursday, September 11, 2008.

He was 57. He was Diana Listmaker's nephew. A wake will be held for friends and family.

Sir Ardral was knighted on May 1, A.S. I (modernly 1966) at the very first tournament of what would become the Society for Creative Anachronism. The venue (around Berkeley, California) would later become part of the West Kingdom. His heraldic device, registered in 1971, is blazoned "Sable, a pall argent surmounting a pall inverted Or."

Sir Ardral also fought in the coronation tournament on April 30, A.S. I.

A wake is planned for Sunday, September 28th. May Sir Ardral rest in peace.