[OUT] Stinking Desert War

Years have come and gone since the last war. The Dragon Spore has piled high, creating an ungodly stench. We cannot abide by this any longer, it is time to decide who must clean up the mess.

With Estrella War coming up, come down and get in some practice for it, at the same time have it mean something. Fight and Fence until you drop. There will be many melees and Tourney's throughout the day to help decide the winners, the losers will be chosen for the Stinking Desert clean up crew for the next year. Their job will be to clean up the mounds of Dragon Spore that have accumulated. Then Join us that evening in Celebrating the end of the harvest, by rejoicing in the bounty presented before us, and prepare for the upcoming Winter with good people and good cheer. Court Will be held at their Majesties/Excelencies Whim.

Heavy and Light fighting - Both tourney's and Melees
Archery competition
Populace Voted A&S Competition
Scottish Highland Events
Donation Auction
Quest for the Dragons Egg

We welcome all Merchants to attend this event. There shall be no merchant fee, but we will accept any and all donations to the Shire. If you have any questions, please contact the Event Autocrat or Seneschals.

The event will be held at the home of Lord William the Sinister. 312 29 Road There will be plenty of shade readily available on this site, with limited water available. This site is next to the Colorado River, so please keep an eye on your kids an bring bug spray.

This is a damp site, please drink responsibly. Some crash space is available, Please contact the autocrat or Seneschal. Camping is available on site. Please no pets.

How to get there:
From the South, and Southeast:
Make your best route to Hwy 50 towards Grand Junction. Turn on 29 Road, by the Orchard Mesa Market heading north. As you go over the Bridge, the site is on your right. Look for the signs.

From the North, Northeast, and West:
Make your best route to I-70 towards Grand Junction. Take exit 37 South onto I-70B into Clifton At the second light, take a left and go over the over pass. At the third light turn right onto D Road. Continue down D Road to the second light and turn left, follow that down to the bridge. The site is just before the bridge on the left. Look for the Signs.

http://draca-mor.home.bresnan.net/Events/Stinking Desert War.html Location:
Shire of Draca Mor (Grand Junction, Colorado)