[OUT] Pas d' Arms

Whereas it is the bound duty of Knights and gentlemen-at-arms to keep their skills honed and ready should His Majesty call them to battle, and whereas the Noble and gentle ladies of the land are desirous to be entertained by the feats of honor, it is the privilege of the Canton of Readstan to invite all those of noble comportment and lineage to test their mettle on the Readstan field of combat celebrating the First Anniversary of the Canton of Readstan.

This is a very formal event, a recreation of a Pas d'Arms. Here, each combatant must employ a personal herald to wear his tabbard and announce his entry in the grand processional. The noble competitor must be in the company of the Lady whose honor he fights for. Mundane parts of armor should be covered. This is as much a tournament as a parade of pomp.

Here is an opportunity to put on an amazing period show. Bring your retinue to line your way with rose petals as you march before the crowd. Show your persona's wealth and importance in a train of men-at-arms and ladies throwing coin (i.e., gold or silver wrapped candy) into the cheering throng to the booming voice of your herald proclaiming your merits and, more importantly, the virtues of your Lady. You are the show and that is as much a part of this event as is the combat. So round up your friends, companions in arms, banner bearers, dancers, drummers (showmanship is a big plus!) and find an excellent Herald and prepare him/her well in advance. If you have ever been "bored at court" this is the place for you to put your theatric foot forward and thrill the onlookers.

For the honor of his fair Lady, the combatants may participate in one or all of the three lists including The Barrier (German or Italian style upon the agreement of the fighers), Great Weapon (matching form) and Sword & Shield lists, as well as a Grand Melee to finish the day.

The best and most courteous demeanor is required of all who attend and may win the day with their display of Chivalric manner. There will be a Grand Processional and Helmshau (helm show) to determine whether or not the competitor is noble enough to compete (bring your shiny stuff and show off!).

Duties of the Combatant: To fight for the honor of a Lady, to comport themselves in a chivalrous and honorable manner, to engage the services of a Herald and adorn said Herald in a tabard with their arms, to hide any mundanity upon their person, and to display their best tournament armor and regalia.

Duties of the Ladies: Inspire greatness in he who fights for you and even in the others with your grace and beauty. Attend to the contests so they may collectively determine the most valiant and most chivalrous combatant, and to call to task those who have displeased and to compliment good deeds in the outstanding.

Duties of the Heralds: To speak truly of the great prowess of their employer in the Grand Processional, to assure the combatant is correctly entered into the Lists, and to issue challenges as directed in their most eloquent manner. Likewise, the Herald whose employer is of higher precedence will announce the field that round of combat. Please report to Herald's Point upon arrival for information and order of processional from the Herald of the Day. See that your employer has brought his heraldic attire. Your tabbard of his arms should be clean and proudly displayed.

The Boarback Inn:
As it is when Knights arrive to a Pas, the first stop is the local Inn, where they take up residence and display their arms in the window that all will know they are come to compete. So the Boarback Inn, under the management of Viscountess Diana, will be in service, providing hardy Stew in fresh baked bread bowls provided by our masterful baker, Lord Wilham de Juste for $5 a meal. Beverages will be provided and all will be brought to your pavilion by our fleet of youthful servers.

8:00 am - Gate opens
9:00 am - Set up, Troll and Lists open
10:00 am - Morning court and opening ceremonies
11:30 am - Helmshau
12:00 pm - Lists close, Kid's Activities, Barrier Tournament / Boarback Inn opens for lunch service
1:00 pm - Great Weapon Tournament
2:00 pm - Sword and Shield Tournament
3:00 pm - Grand Melee
4:00 pm - Ladies of the Gallery Meeting
4:30 pm - Closing court
6:00 pm - Site Closed

Adults: $6 *Price Reduced!*
Children: $3
Children 4 and younger: Free
Non-member surcharge will apply to any who cannot produce a current membership card or kingdom newsletter label.

Whispering Pines Park
8000 E. Park Dr.
Franktown, CO 80116:

From the I-25 exit on Lincoln. Take Lincoln 5 miles east to Parker Road and turn south (right). Follow Parker Rd to 9 miles to East Park Drive turn East (left). Proceed 1 mile to the park enterance on the left.

This is a dry site. Location:
Canton of Readstan (Franktown, Colorado)