[OUT] War of the Staked Plains

The local inhabitants of the shire of Blackwater Keep are in need of a strong Overlord. One to protect us and support us in our endeavor to maintain our humble shire.

During the weekend of Sept. 27 - 29 we will be hosting a tournament to determine, from all the courageous fighters who attend, whom will become our Dread Overlord. There will be combats for Fell Overlord and Dread Archer along with minor (fun) competitions for all through out the day. Sir Berold will be hosting an unbelted tourney as well. Our artisans have worked hard and we have dipped into to our coffers in order to present grand gifts to our champions. The evening feast will prove a glorious event in it's self. There will be a choice of three meats, several seasonal side dishes and a tasty sweet to finish. After all the tedious chores of feasting are done, there will be a bardic around a toasty fire. Come join our company, share our camaraderie, warm yourself by our fire. All are invited to attend and are most welcome.

Lady Ylaria de Montrivil - Event Steward

P. S. If you plan to attend feast, please contact me so we may get a count. Also, if you would prefer to sleep off site (in a hotel) I'll have names, prices and approximate distances from the site of some of the local establishments. Location:
Shire of Blackwater Keep (Clovis, New Mexico)