[ATE] Wealhhnutu Chainmail Gathering and Potluck

WHEN: October, 18, 2008 (It's a Saturday) from 1:00pm - 5:00pm
WHERE: Castle Brandhard in Wealhhnutu March

WHAT TO BRING: Bring projects to work on or to show. Bring mandrels (cranks for making springs) if you have them. Bring 2 pairs of pliers if you have them. If you have wire you may bring it. Construction tie wire is good to begin with, as it is cheap and fairly easy to work with. Two methods of spring making will be available. Some wire will be available. Wire cutters will be available. THIS CLASS IS FOR CHAINMAIL ARMOR-MAKING AS WELL AS JEWELRY-MAKING. WE WANT TO SEE IT ALL!!!

This is a potluck, so bring finger foods, desserts, salads, or whatever. We will make iced tea and brew coffee. Bring any other beverages you wish. We are planning to begin with the chainmail classes at 1:00pm, and break for the potluck around 4:00pm.

DIRECTIONS: From the North, take I-19 south to Exit 17 (in Rio Rico). Cross the freeway (that will put you on Rio Rico Drive), and continue east until you reach Pendleton Drive. Turn right and go south until you reach Coatimundi Avenue. Turn left on Coatimundi. Go two blocks, and turn left on Avenida Leon (at the auxiliary power station). Go up the hill to Hopkins (the 7th street on the right). Turn right on Hopkins. The address is 409 Hopkins Street (it's in the middle of the block on the right side). You may park in either driveway or on the street.

From Sierra Vista area, follow Highway 82 to Nogales, then take I-19 North to Exit 17, turn right (east) as you exit the freeway (that's Rio Rico Drive), and follow the above directions from there.

Please join us for interesting fun, food, and fabrication. Location:
Wealhhnutu March (Nogales, Arizona)