Paris: the "Mecca of Medieval Knowledge"

Dame Aoife shares her research on medieval Paris in this selection of links. Greetings everyone.

This week in honor of Aethelmearc's newest beloved Monarch, His Majesty Sir Henri d'Artois, we visit that Mecca of medieval knowledge, Paris. Most learned and moneyed men (and quite a few learned and moneyed women) went there at least once during their Medieval lifetimes, so we shall visit and see what it was they found so fascinating. They came to learn, to play, or to attack. They passed through on a tour or a pilgrimage. They left behind a little of themselves, and took a great deal away with them. Let's see what it was they found so fascianting on our own tour of sites dedicated to Medieval Paris. We'll look at Prisian Food, Parisian Universities, Famous Citizens of Paris, French music likely to have been heard in Paris, French Coins, Artifacts in Museums dedicated to Medieval Paris and France, look at Le Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris, go on a Parisian Pilgrimage, and check out maps, abbeys and architecture.

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Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon

Paris at the time of Philippe August
(Site Excerpt) That they bought most was bread as for a long time a basic element of food.
It seems that the corn which fed initially Paris is the corn of Beauce, because the oldest market, in the Ile de la Cit