Shava's photos from Autumn Rose

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her photos and memories from the recent Autumn Rose event in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Shava writes:

I am sure there are others that spent more time at Autumn Rose who can expound on how wonderful the weekend was but I only daytripped the event and had a pleasant time. I concentrated on the Emprise de la Rose d'Automne, catching up with friends, the A&S (including the Pyxis encampment), and feasting. I regret I watched none of the archery and very little of the fighting so for stories of those activities and the rest of the weekend you must beg another for their tales.

The Emprise de la Rose d'Automne was something never seen around our fine Kingdom. A wonderful tournament for the equestrian community filled with pomp and colour. Jousting and combat on horse was fun to watch and the stands had many spectators in them once the horses and their riders, bedecked with colourful barding, paraded around the fair grounds. Along with the herald, Jose, the trumpeter, Ambrose, and the explaining of the activities by Allisende and Samia, it was a festive tournament. The ladies of the gallery, myself included, were treated to music from the magic hidden musicians and foods provided by Samia (and well served by Oswald as well) of 13th century France. I look forward to the next time when I can bear witness to such a lovely display.

The Pyxis encampment was small but it was fun to watch Cinniu and Cainnechpractice period cooking techniques, Maighread teaching some of the same, Ealasaid weaving on a a large frame loom, and Gurrorm carving on a small log. Seriously folks, these are some great people to learn things from and I highly recommend that you hang out with them whenever possible. The A&S display/competition that Branislava helped put together was very nice and it was the coolest place to be (in front of the fan as well as to see some wonderful works).

Maewyn's feast filled many a belly and was tasty as well. For those that didn't choose to stay, you missed a fine one. The chants of Maewyn...Maewyn...Maewyn were well deserved.

My view of the day can be found by clicking on "original article" below.


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