[EAL] The Dance Event

You are most cordially invited to join us, In the Canton of Greyfells, Within the Barony of Skraeling Althing for: The Dance Event A Day of Learning, An Evening of Revelry

When: October 4th, 2008 from 9am to 9pm

St. Margaret’s United Church,
690 Sir John A MacDonald Blvd.
Kingston Ontario

Why: To spend the day learning dances and music of the Renaissance, in a casual (mundane clothing please) instructional atmosphere from some of Ealdormere’s best dancers and musicians.

Why else: To take the opportunity to don your finest Renaissance clothing and dance the evening away at an elegant Renaissance ball. Also sample sumptuous refreshments served as you dance.

Who to contact: e-mail dance.reservation@gmail.com

How much: You pay one price of $22 (plus NMS if applicable) which includes lunch, a light dinner served during the ball and all classes. Students pay $20, children under 13 pay $10, babes are free.

Please note: There are no separate activities planed for children. People of all ages who have the maturity and interest to participate in dance and music classes (or amuse them selves quietly) are welcome. After all; children love to dance and sing too!

http://www.skraelingalthing.com/dance.html Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Kingston, Ontario)