[LOC] Harvest Feast

Come one and come all. Join the Suth Gild Heall Cooks and Brewers in the second of the Succession of Salubrious Soirees - Harvest Feast.

Lady Isobel de la Rose of Arrowsreach has never cooked for over 8 people on her own (she is a great kitchen helper though), She has been working extremely hard at getting up the nerve and getting together her first "big" feast. She is ready !!!

Her challenge on the night "Cook a successful feast for 24 people". The evening will host games and other light deversions as well as the fantastic food.

The night will be November 1st 2008. Arrival time after 6:00 for a 7:00pm meal start. Cost $25 and the venue will be Baroness Gwir and Master Gwynfor home in Mt Waverly (Victoria, Australia) Bookings made to Mistress Nicolette Dufay. email me at Auntienic (at) gmail.com for payment options. Booking not accepted without payment. It is a Limited Numbers Evening so book as early as you can.

What to Bring: Feast Gear, chair (if easy to bring), games (board games or others if you have one you want to try out, let me know)

Menu and notes can be found at the Suth Gild Kitchens at http://suthgh.blogspot.com/search/label/Soiree%3A%20Lady%20Isobel%20de%20la%20Rose

As always there are rules for the soiress. See details at http://www.sca.org.au/krae_glas/SuthGH/Cooks/SSS/PP.htm These events are sponsored by the Shire of Krae Glas. If you are interested in doing a soiree, please let me know. Location:
Suth Gild (Mt Waverly, Australia)