[OUT] Champions of al-Barran

Come one, come all! al-Barran's Baronial Champions event is nigh upon us! Come test your mettle against those who wish to seek glory in battle upon the field of combat. Come test your voice for those who wish to seek glory in song and tale.

The event is free for all comers, so you should be there! The site is at Land's End, where there is great camping and wonderful scenery. (Stay tuned, as site may change, weather un-permitting)

There will be a potluck feast on Saturday night, in which, the barony will be providing the main meat, cooked by His Excellency Morris!

The tournaments will be for Baronial Champion (heavy), Protector of the Baroness' Heart (light), Master Swordsman (heavy), and Master Blade (light). There is also a special tournament for the al-Barran style champions to be determined at the event by Their Excellencies of al-Barran. You want more fighting? GREAT! There will be melees galore both in and out of the castle for both heavy and light.

Event is FREE!
Site is Wet!
Feast is potluck!


As always, there will be a need for a current Shaft subscription to enter any of the tournaments, as well as a possible al-Barranian trivia question, so brush up on your history!

If there are any questions, please contact Eorl Mordygan at "mordygan at gmail dot com". Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Stanley, New Mexico)