[ATE] Feast of Knowledge

Do you hunger for Knowledge? Then feed your hunger! Join the Shire of Windale for our Feast of Knowledge. There will be plentiful classes to satisfy all appetites.

Our Feast will start at 10:00am on Saturday, October 18, 2008. It will be in the cool, tall pine trees of the Hualapai Mountains.

Our Feast includes classes in Arts & Sciences, and Fun and Sex in the Middle Ages. All sorts of fulfilling classes on Combat Basics such as Fighting, Armor, and Archery will be available for those with heartier appetites. Spear your hunger with all day rapier activities. There will be child sized portions available with parent/guardian supervision. To zest up the Feast, we will have delicious classes on All Things Slavic.

The main course of our Feast will be a Combat Cooking Event, with up to 4 teams competing. The host of this portion is Aedan the Bull (Russ Paronto), dvmstr254@yahoo.com.

An actual feast of carnivorous or vegetable matter will not be served. There is a restaurant at the Resort on site. It is 14 miles into town from site, so it is recommended you bring your own picnic basket. Hopefully the Judges won't be too ravenous, and small tidbits of this part of the Feast will be available for the poor hungry masses to consume. Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day to prevent any fainting from famishment.

Site opens at 9:00am, and classes will be from 10:00am until 6:00pm. Lunch will be from 2:30 until 3:30pm to allow the combat cooking event plenty of time to finish.

Site Fees: $7 Adult Member, $10 Non Member, Children 9 - 18 $5, Children 8 and under are free.

Site Information: Hualapai Mountain Park, Recreation Area 1 - Ponderosa. The site is wet. Water and Shade are available. Pets are allowed with proof of rabies vaccine, tagged with owner's name, leashed at all times. Water and Shade are plentiful on site. This is not a camping event, but you may camp overnight for a park fee of $12. Cabins are also available. For more information, visit http://www.mcparks.com/hmp_rental_rates.html Please bring your own chairs for classes.

Directions to the site:
Take Highway I-40. Take the exit for Stockton Hill Rd. (exit 51) Turn south onto Stockton Hill Rd. Continue on Stockton Hill Rd. Stockton Hill Rd becomes Hualapai Mountain Rd. Continue on to Hualapai Mountain Rd until you reach the park. Continue left on Hualapai Mountain Road, and then follow the signs to Recreation Area 1.

Autocrats: Úna Ruadh inghean Diarmait brathann@under-theoaktree.com , and Anya of Windale misticdreamer@hotmail.com .

Combat Cooking Host: Aedan the Bull dvmstr254@yahoo.com Location:
Shire of Windale (Kingman, Arizona)