[ANS] Protectorate XXXII

Their Excellencies, Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair and Muriel ingen Gille Crist do bid all warm greetings and are pleased to invite all the populace of the known world to Namron's Protectorate!

This year, as every year, courageous warriors from around the kingdom and the known world will compete to be named Protector of Namron. Three champions will be selected by way of honorable combat. One protector each will be selected in the arts of Armored Combat, Rapier Combat and Equestrian Combat.

Protectorate is being held at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp in Cleveland Oklahoma, this year.

Adults (18 and Older): $8
Minors (17 and Younger): $5
Non-Members: ($8 + $3) = $11

$8 (Limited to 85 seats)

Lord Kristen Ayre CQG

Lord Orlando DiGilead

http://protectorate.agilejedi.com/Home Location:
Barony of Namron (Cleveland, Oklahoma)