[ANS] Defender of the Fort XXVI - CANCELLED

It is a time of strength and peace in the Barony of Raven's Fort. Though chorded remnants of once happy dwellings dot her out lying lands, there has been no sighting of the Viking raiders for almost a year and harvest is well under way. No doubt, this time of healing is the fruit of the Kingdom's great victory over the barbarians, stopping last year's assaults.

The scribes thus recorded, The northmen sail'd in their nailed ships, a dreary remnant, on the roaring sea; over deep water. Dublin they sought, and Ireland's shores, in great disgrace. They left behind them raw to devour, the sallow kite, the swarthy raven with horny nib, and the hoarse vulture, with the to consume his prey; the greedy gos-hawk, and that gray beast the wolf. No slaughter yet was greater made e'er in this island?? Even the dour mission bells toll somehow lighter in a new hope for tomorrow.

But there is a hollow for many in the Barony, including some Nobles. Captured sisters and sons have married and come to love their adopted Norse families. Though the danger was great, when the dragon ships came many would run down to catch a glimpse of lost kin. Now time creeps by and the moan for communion drones on, ever somber. Mindful of the well being of their wards Baron and Baroness Raven?s Fort call to the repelled for talks of unification. Their Sable Winged Excellencies, Brian and Fionna offer the protection of hosts to all, from both sides of the sea that would come in friendship and peace to honor and celebrate our victorious King. All are welcome to participate in bloodless Championship Games to allow the proficient in art and war to reveal themselves before the crown and populace.

Far away in the longhouses of the midnight sun, debate rages on for and against accepting the call for peace and trade negotiations. Finally, word returns from over the sea that many Nobles and Heroes of Great Service have set sail in route to our shining shores. Many more than expedited. Many more than a single barony could handle if treachery marked the day. While excited locals make ready for the return of their long lost relatives, Defenders from across the Kingdom make ready for the horned onslaught. Confidence is high as His Majesty himself has pledged his support in his presence and counsel. In a gesture of friendship, a captured Viking Raven flag is raised alongside the Raven?s Fort banner and the ten-pointed Ansteorran Star. As the long ships glide on to shore, most pray for a new era of unity. Let the trumpets of tourney ring clear.

To ensure that the masses may be fed and for added security, the King has summoned Royal Huntsman, Master Phelim Gervase, called Pug and all other archers to utilize their talents in our fair Barony. * A new Kingdom Royal Huntsman will be selected during Saturday competition. Please contact Master Pug or Lord Jean-Paul de Calmont for more information.

Local Baronial Champion Representative selections will be made for :

  • Chivalric, Defender of the Fort - Liaison, Egan Obeollain
  • Rapier, Cavalier of the Fort - Liaison, Don Charles of Lizard Keep
  • Ravenskald Bard - Liaison, Katrina of Coventry
    The competition will be held in three rounds. The first two rounds will be open to all competitors and will be bard's choice in two different styles (poetry, story, song, etc.) Documentation is not required, but will be counted. The third round, per Their Sable Winged Excellencies' request, will be between 2-3 finalists chosen from the first two rounds, who will perform that evening during feast for the assembled audience.
  • Equestrian, Chevalier of the Fort - Liaison, Giovanna Lena Caronna & Runa of the Thundering Herd
  • Bowman of the Fort - Liaison, Lucien du Noir - Marshal - Robin of Bjornsborg
    The competition will be diminishing targets in three rounds of three distances with three arrows each for the first two rounds. The third round will be a Wild Wrabbit single elimination. If there is a tie at the end of three rounds, shooters will go to a thirty foot tie breaker. No crossbows.
  • Artisan of the Fort - Liaison, Jean-Michel de Meaux
  • Baronial Brewer or Vintner of Fermented Spirits - Liaison, Don Charles of Lizard Keep

Additional Activities Include :

  • 'Ask a Pelican' Round Table, hosted by Mistress Hillary Greenslade
    This is an open discussion for the populace to ask the Pelican's questions relating to service in the SCA, being a Pelican, being a Prot?g? (students of Pelicans) and more. The 'class' is to run no more than 1 to 1.5 hours time. Set for mid-day. Lemonade and fruit will be provided.

  • Best > On Field Both Chivalric and Rapier fighters will also be judged for their 'on field' heraldry presentation. This will not be inclusive of field heraldry by a personal Herald, but rather be based on what is worn, carried and displayed by the combatant personally on the field only. Direct questions to Star Principal Herald, Lord Alden Drake

  • Fighting 101 Class, sponsored by our local ?Raven?s Guild? College group.

  • Sunday New Comers List for tourney virgins.
    Marshals will be Baron Brian du Val and Don Charles of Lizard Keep.

Their Excellencies would like to extend an invitation to last years Baronial Champions and a significant other to share a place of honor with them seated before the populace for Saturday evening Defender of the Fort feast. Vivat, for our returning Champions !!!

This year's Saturday evening Defender of the Fort feast assembles a collection of Chefs that are unsurpassed in their expertise.

With no individual as head Feastocrat each is able to concentrate all of their efforts into a single dish.

After feast and Court is over, please join us in SwineCamp at

The Raven Flag Brew Tent to share the secrets and products of our local Raven's Fort Brewers Guild

And for Dice Games, Drumming, Fire Dancing and General Revelry.

Please BYOB and bring a secret or two of your own to share as well.

If it's not too dry, the Bonfire will be torched.

As always, there will be the after midnight pilgrimage to the great stone circle on the hill.

The Stones of Raven's Fort site will open at 4 PM Friday and close at 3 PM Sunday.

For directions, please see the August or September BlackStar site map and then watch for the flocking Pelicans.

Site Fee is $10.00
Feast Fee is $8.00 (limited to the first 175)

Please make checks payable to: SCA inc. / Barony of Raven's Fort.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from a parent.

The Stones of Raven's Fort is a primitive site with barrel water and Port-a-Cans.

Please bring your own drinking water.

Campfires will be allowed if wet weather permits.

Mammal pets are allowed on leashes with written proof of current rabies vaccination. Pets are not to be left unattended.

Horses must show written proof of negative Coggin's Test.

Fermented and distilled spirits are allowed in period containers only, please.

Posted site rules will be enforced.

Merchants are more than welcome.

Autocrat, Volodymyr of the Black Isle (aka Vlod NotVlad), byzytym@att.net Location:
Barony of Raven's Fort (Huntsville, Texas)