[WES] Newcomers' Event

The Barony of Selveirgard invites the Known Worlde to join us in the continuing celebration of our Fifth year as a Barony. Come as the Medieval Hero or Heroine that inspires you. Whether this be Beowulf, Charlemagne, or King Arthur, Eleanor of Aquitaine, perhaps Joan of Arc or Guinevere herself. Even King Henry IV and Queen Victoria I would be pleased to be your inspiration. We will have tournaments both heavy and rapier as well as A&S that will all inspire us in this the Fifth Baronial year.

Our Heavy tournament will be hosted by our new Baronial Marshal Sean. It will include all weapons to show our visitors as many ways to fight with as many weapons as possible. Contact Sean in advance with any questions and bring your armory to the event. Our Rapier tournament will be hosted by Lady Etain. Please contact her with any questions.

The Great Hunt! -- We will be bringing back the hunts of old. It is time to rid our forests of Alagatorsnappingturtles and Fairies. They may seem cute and innocent on the outside but have become a menace to our lands. Therefore we will be Hunting them to thin their ranks. The prize is a wool Hunters Pouch made by the autocrats hand. The Hunt will take place after the Tournament (inside if necessary) and before the feast. This way those who wish to remain protected by their armor may do so.

A&S Contests:
We will be making fairies for our Hunt. Flower and wooden parts will be provided (donations for the making of fairies will gladly accepted). Also we will be making Hounds Masks for the Hunt. Hounds will be necessary to drive the Alagatorsnappingturtles and Fairies to the Hunters. Materials will be provided but those wishing to make Masks in advance are encouraged to do so. Fairies and Hounds Masks will be judged prior to the Hunt and may be kept for personal use or used for the Hunt. Awards for the best Fairy tribe and Mask will be given and were hand carved by Lady Rolynnda.

Best costumed Hero/Heroine will be awarded as well. This prize is yet to be determined.

Lady Rolynnda has graciously agreed to sponsor a contest for strings done on lucet, kumihimo, simple braid or other period Lacing. A two foot minimum needs to be submitted, along with documentation as to the method and materials (mostly for wash ability and allergies). There will be an Adult and a Treasures division for judging. The lacing can be reclaimed or be donated to the Barony for use by the Baron and Baroness for awards or whatever their whim.

Autocrats Whim – Nore the Knitter is autocrat of this wonderful event and due to this, she would love to see knitted items in any mode….. This would be anything that you can knit. Scarves and mittens may not seem period and although they may not have survived, they `may' have been used back then. Anything that you can knit is acceptable. Please provide a copy of the pattern for the judge and document the materials used (wool, linen, cotton and silk yarns are preferred). These items also can be donated to the Barony or retrieved. The prize will be a Knitted Item made by the hand of the Autocrat.

Meats and bread for the potluck feast will be provided. Bring a side dish as follows by mundane first name – A-H Veggies/Fruits or salads, I-R Starches, S-Z Desserts.

Directions: BSA Camp Carlquist, Chugiak, AK, 23 miles N of Anchorage, 18 miles South of Palmer, take Mirror Lake exit, left on Old Glenn ½ mile to Camp Gorsuch road, take the left turn follow road ½ mile back to Lodge. Site is dry. Signs will be posted. Site info: Site Opens at 10 am and closes at 9pm. Site fee $10 adults 13 and up, $7 children 5-12, under 5 free. Non-member surcharge $3. Make checks to SCA Inc. - Selviergard Autocrat: Nore the Knitter myladyjhannah@yahoo.com Location:
Barony of Selveirgard (Chugiak, Alaska)