"Warrior Queen" Buried in Lincolnshire Grave

Lincolnshire Echo: Mystery surrounds the grave of an Anglo-Saxon "warrior queen" discovered recently near Lincoln, England. Many unanswered questions surround the remains discovered in a shallow grave near Lincoln, England. The central figure, a two-meter-tall female, buried with dagger and shield, leads researchers to speculate that she might have been a woman warrior. Experts have placed the Anglo-Saxon grave at around 410 C.E., a time of lawlessness in Britain. Was this a true warrior queen, and who were the people buried to either side of her?

Researchers from Wessex Archaeology will take on the task of finding out about the warrior queen, her life and death and those of her companions.

"What is unusual about the female warrior is firstly how tall she was and secondly the fact that she was buried with weapons that are usually connected with men," said Thomas Cadbury Curator of the City and County Museum in Friar's Lane, Lincoln.

In addition to the three bodies, archaeologists found several shields and an amber necklace, unusual in England.

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