SCA Announce: Comments sought for Board of Directors nominees

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, says the Board is requesting comments from the populace on the current slate of nominees.

We need your input; please help! If you have an opinion concerning any of the below-named individuals, your commentary is very much needed and gratefully received by the Board. In addition, new nominations are always needed and strongly encouraged. Any member may nominate any member, including themselves, for the Board. If you know someone who you think would make a good Board member, please nominate them. Remember that all information in these letters is kept completely confidential, and no one elected to the board sees commentary on themselves.

Send all comments and nominations to Shawn Reed, Board Recruiting, PO Box 140905, Nashville, TN 37214 or Please include your name and address in any letter sent concerning these matters, and remember to include the name and address of anyone you nominate for the Board so that we may contact them. You will receive a response indicating that we received your correspondence - if you don't hear back from us promptly, we did not get your missive.

Richard Sherman                  William Walworth di Durham                               Caid              1/11
Kimberly Harvey                  Countess Kenna Harve, OP                                 Midrealm          1/11
Barbara Reed                     Baroness Bianca the Inquisitive                          Meridies          1/11
Nicolette Deplazes               Contessa Giulia Isabella da Venezie                      Northshield       7/10
Mark Faulcon                     Duke Martin Lochner                                      Trimaris          7/10
Elise Fleming                    Countess Alys Katherine                                  Midrealm          7/10
Neil Gilmore                     Count Kitakaze Tatsu Raito                               Northshield       7/10
Denise Hundley                   Countess Denise Duvalier                                 Atlantia          7/10 
Michael Huston                   Baron Sir Michael the Lucky                              Artemisia         7/10
Robbin Koeing                    Duchess Broinnfinn inghean ui Chathain                   Gleann Abhann     7/10
Cathyn Lesanges                  Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald, KSCA                             Middle            7/10
Jane B. Malley                   Mistress Jane Beaumont                                   Gleann Abhann     7/10
Chele Martines                   Duchesse Sabine de Rouen, OP                             Middle            7/10
Lisa A. May                      Countess Margaret ny Connor                              Ansteorra         7/10
Anthony McCollum                 THL Morgan dubh MacLeod                                  Gleann Abhann     7/10
Paul Newton                      Sir Omarad the Wary                                      Middle            1/10
Tom Nobel                        Duke Lucius Aurelius Valharic                            Atlantia          7/10
Ralph Odell                      Sir Caveron Odell                                        Midrealm          7/10
Katherine Palmer                 Baroness Katherine Angelique d'Artois de Berry, OP, OL   Trimaris          7/10
Sarah Paterson                   Mistress Elizabeth “Bess” Darney, OL                     East              7/10
Leslie Vaughn                    Mistress Isabeau della Farfalla, OP                      Atenveldt         7/10
Michael Andrews                  Master Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay                   Ansteorra         1/10
Elizabeth Ann Appleby-Murphy     Mistress Catherine Anne Applebee                         Calontir          1/10
Ben Baron                        Master Louis-Phillippe Mitouard                          Outlands          1/10
Andrew Biel                      Earl Yngvar the Dismal                                   Aethelmearc       1/10
Kevin Conlin                     Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh                              Middle            1/10
Kelley Davidson                  Dame Fianna nic Dhaibhidh                                Meridies          1/10
Elizabeth Anne Gustafson         Mistress Elspeth von Bremen, OP                          Atenveldt         1/10
Je Nell Hays                     Baroness Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows, OL     Caid              1/10
Tim Jennings                     Garraed Galbraith, OL                                    Ealdormere        1/10
Monalee Kendall                  Baroness Genevieve McCullum de Caen                      Ansteorra         1/10
Elizabeth Kopros                 Baroness CuMhara of Holyhead aka Kope                    Middle            1/10
Patricia Knapp                   Countess Monika Von Zell  O.P.,O.L.                      Outlands          1/10
Chris Kurtz                      Baron Kristoff McLain Cameron, OP                        Atenveldt         1/10
Nikki McCorristin                Countess Tianna OP                                       Artemisia         1/10
Owen Shribman                    Baron Rowen Killian                                      Caid              1/10
Eileen Hart Steinhardt           Lady Fionnghuala ingean Diarmaida                        Aethelmearc       1/10
Blair Wettlaufer                 Brand Thorwaldsson                                       Ealdormere        1/10
Jennifer Carlson                 Comtesse Guenièvre du Dragon Vert                        Northshield       7/09
John Chamberlain                 Duke Garick von Köpke                                    Drachenwald       7/09
Shanda Elking                    Baroness Shaylan MacNeil                                 Atenveldt         7/09
Daniel Forsman                   Master Måns Knutsson Kotte                               Drachenwald       7/09
Scott Frappier                   Duke Felix the Just of Ramse’y, KSCA                     Middle            7/09
Briar Jansons                    Duchess Eanor of Amberhall                               Middle            7/09
Annika Madejska                  Barunin Katheryn Hebenstreitz                            Drachenwald       7/09
Kipp S. Martines                 Syr Alexander Kyppyn Kirkcaldy                           Middle Kingdom    7/09
John Seaton                      Master Alexander de Seton of Altavia                     Middle Kingdom    7/09
Karen E. Teel                    Countess Elizabeth O'Byrnne                              Outlands          7/09
Jay Ter Louw                     Master Octavio de Flores                                 Trimaris          7/09
Erin Alderson                    Mistress Aldgytha of Ashwood                             Caid              1/09
Craig Allen                      Baron Corun MacAnndra OP                                 Atlantia          1/09
Toni Atkins-Riepl                Mistress Daphne of Colchester                            Gleann Abhann     1/09
Stacy Hall                       Gwennddolynn ni hAilleachain                             Meridies          1/09
Greg Hartley                     Ingolf of Clontarf                                       Meridies          1/09
Sherri Hartselle                 Mistress Odindisa Egilsdottir                            Meridies          1/09
Jennifer Johnson                 CountessGenevieve Chastellain  d’Anjou                   Ealdormere        1/09
Kelly Lemberg                    THLady Morfydd ferch Bronwen                             Meridies          1/09
Scot Myers                       Master Bran Trefonnen                                    Caid              1/09
John Riley                       Baron Caelan O’Rogallaig                                 Middle            1/09
John Prendergast                 Etienne Fevre                                            Drachenwald       1/09
Kymberli Wanat                   Viscountess Isabella Falcao de Galinha                   Northshield       1/09

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Addendum from Patrick Anderson, President of the SCA Inc., published separately from the above:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Contrary to what the auto-signature file on this email list says, please send comments about Board Nominees to NOT

The email address is confidential and your comments on any particular Board nominee will never be seen by the nominee. The comments email address goes to all directors, myself, others senior officers of the SCA, and is archived.

Thank you,

Patrick Anderson
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Publisher's note: To avoid confusion, when we published this information on, we removed the non-applicable auto-signature to which Mr. Anderson refers. However, because our policy is to publish every official announcement, we have included Mr. Anderson's addendum here for the sake of completeness.