[GLE] Kingdom Arts and Sciences and RUGA

Works of the Arts & Sciences of the Mighty and Magnificent Kingdom of Gleann Abhann will be on display at this event you will not want to miss! Artisans come and show your projects and receive valuable feedback. Maybe you can teach the judges something new and interesting! Laurels would love to see the wonderful creations made by our own Gleann Abhann citizens.

Once again we have the artisans of Gleann Abhann issuing CHALLENGES in various categories.

RUGA is planning a set of classes that will enlighten and expand your knowledge. Watch for future updates on class scheduling. Your hosts, the Shire of Rook’s Haven, are featuring “Return to Calais.” Travel to the glorious lands of Medieval France and revisit the Field of Cloth of Gold in Calais.

There will be a Traveler’s Fare, Breakfasts, Luncheon and Feast followed by a Masquerade Ball, and a special “Dragon’s Egg” Hunt for the children! For the heavy fighters the Companions of the Order of the Pelican Invite One and All to compete for the honor of becoming the PELICAN’S CHAMPION. All heavy combatants are welcome to enter, however, we request that the earnest attempts be made at period appearance and kit. Prizes will be given for the best kit, and individual Pelicans shall bestow largesse, as they feel so inclined. The winner and finalist shall receive a place in the Tournament of Champions.

Camp Henry Jacobs
Utica Mississippi

Site allows NO pets, and is discreetly wet.

THL Angus de Gordun

THL Ceridwen the Empiric

Mistress Jane Beaumont

For questions about the A&S Faire, a&sminister@kingdomofgleannabhann.org
For questions about RUGA and classes, please visit: http://ram-u.org/

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