[ART] Wee Bit 'O Scotland


This day will include the highland games, a heavy tournament, a rapier tournament, games and classes.

The armored tournament is Damsel in Distress, the rapier tournament is save the Damsel from the mystical creatures and the highland games will include the caber toss, the hammer toss and others surprises.

As many of you know we have lost Lady Teckla of Unicorn Meadow and her husband Lord Jean De St D’Angell. So we as their household and family will take up the running of this event in the vision of what they wanted to present to the Kingdom of Artemisia and the Barony of Arn Hold. We ask that you come to this event to honor their memory as our friends and family in the SCA. There will be a time set aside to honor their memory. Location:
Boise, Idaho (Arn Hold, Artemisia)