Museum Comes to Life

Join other local re-enactment groups in showing the denizens of the noble city of Boise what we do!

Share your passion of history with other willing victims!

There will be three armored tournaments throughout the day. These will include The Baronial Warlord Tourney (The format will be at the whim of the Baron and Baroness), Fortune /Misfortune Tourney (Bring your toys and spin to win?), and the return of the ever popular Cake or Death!

Also there will be two rapier tournaments. These are to include the Roving Rapier Rouge in the morning and Cake or Death in the afternoon with the armored fighters. (We will be alternating the armored and rapier fighters to give death a break between challenges.) Location:
Julia Davis Park in Boise, ID (Arh Hold, Artemisia)